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13 Final Year Students Expelled -Federal University Lokoja

The Main Gate of Federal-University-Lokoja is seen in this photo by Dailypost Nigeria
The Main Gate of Federal-University-Lokoja is seen in this photo by Dailypost Nigeria

13 final year students of The Federal University, Lokoja were expelled for their involvement in examination malpractice. Professor Angela Freeman-Miri, Vice-chancellor of the university disclosed while speaking with men of the press on Monday in Lokoja. The students were all from the department of Economics has stated by the Vice-chancellor.

According to Freeman, the students ran into trouble when they were passing the question papers to one another and in the process got leaked to other students who immediately informed the school authorities.

“They were to face the Students Disciplinary Committee. “The examination misconduct committee sat at different times to look into the allegations against them.

“The reports of the two committees were later sent to the 47th Senate meeting of the university, which eventually approved their expulsion” Freeman said.

One of the students, Lydia Lawal said they were treated unjustly by the university but which the Vice-chancellor responded by asking them to appeal through the Governing Council of the University.

“The Staff Management Committee has also submitted its reports to the Governing Council for final decision” Freeman-Miri stated.

“No University will compromise its academic standard, especially the quality of examinations as degrees being awarded sell the image of the university to the outside world,” she explained.

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