3 Reasons You Need to Add Mobile Advertising to Your Budget Now

Advertising is one of the first and immediate means to promote your product. You can implement billboards, leaflets and other variants of showing your offline presence. Nobody will argue, however, that online realization is the best one: we deal with Internet every day not only at home, but for working purposes as well. The power of Internet is so high, so that no wonder people left there and marketers have joined them.

The biggest trick is that everything can be improved by implementing mobile advertising. The calls to become mobile were heard at least for last 5 years. Everybody knows it should be done, but not so many can explain why – and today we are going to complete this gap.

Individual reach of every client
A decade ago mobile devices were not so multifunctional they are now. Personal computers is a habitual thing today, but even a decade ago this device could be one for a whole family. The situation was set different from the very beginning with telephones – it is an individual thing, with personal settings, cover case and so on. It means that we get true and clear picture how this device owner “looks like” and can offer products interesting exactly for him.

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Personalization of advertisements
Mobile advertising cannot be treated in the same manner as traditional one that is probably key reason why marketers feel reluctance to deal with it.

A sign of good manners is a different choice of advertising, RTB networks are perfect for mobile area. The technology aims not to focus on websites where audience potentially can be, but consider each impression separately.

The point is about clear understanding and seeing who your perfect client is. Some of them may be a bit far from that picture, but also deserve being mention. Programmatic advertising helps us to decide about the value of each client according to meaningful characteristics. And, by the way, to have ad campaign cheaper than traditional networks would offer.

Mobility encourages interacting with brands at any moment in time
If you live in a megapolis, try to find one day and get to work by subway or travel to neighbour city by train. Main aim of this activity is to track what people do during the trip. Vast majority of them will be glued to their smartphones, tablets or e-readers. It is a normal practice to make an appointment with a doctor on your walk from cafe to the office, or send a shopping list to your husband or wife when you are in a traffic jam. Desktop computer cannot, unfortunately, provide us with such an opportunity.

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Researches show that percent of purchases from mobile phones is more than from desktop analogues. Why turn on a laptop, if a new mobile phone can be offered from you current one? All the bills are paid with the help of special mobile banking software, no matter the time at the moment.

Still not sure you should go into the waters?
Ugly truth is that people don’t like ads, the more companies, the more ads they produce and the bigger is a desire to escape from it. But, people can be more loyal to you.

First of all, spend time for researches and find brands, websites and apps that are relevant to your niche. For example, if you sell healthy food, cooperation with apps about a healthy life can be quite beneficial for you.

The same as for traditional advertising, think about help from your side – how your product can make one’s life easier and more pleasant.

And last, but not the least thing – your client’s comfort is above all things. Mobile advertising offers great variety of ad formats, some of them are quite aggressive, but others do not distract from main activity. Focus on latter model as you will save yourself from negative perception, occasional clicks can make the impression times worse.

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