5 Easy Ways for Students in Nigeria to Make Quick Money

Being a student in Nigeria is hard. It is even harder if you come from a middle-class family. If your parents are not rich, you know how hard it can get.

What if I told you there are great businesses you can do to make money? Businesses that will not in any way affect your academics.

Would you like to get these business ideas? Read on.
In this post, you’ll get 5 easy ways to make money as a student in Nigeria.

5 Easy Ways for Students in Nigeria to Make Quick Money
#1. Laundry/House Cleaning
No doubt, students are very lazy when it comes to doing laundry. Many pile their clothes until weekend before attempting to wash them. Many are even so lazy they only get to wash half and this is why laundry is very lucrative.
If you have the means, get a washing machine, but if you can’t, wash it by hand. The good thing about laundry is that you get your money instantly.
Help other students wash and starch their clothes and you’ll never lack funds.

#2. Writing Project Report
Do you know that final year students hire people to help them with their final year projects?
They do. Final year for most students is very stressful. The same rigorous coursework plus the registrations and events. Feed project report writing into that and you have an over-stressed student.
Many of these students whose project is analysis based hire people to help them with the writing. They hire people to help them gather journals and other academic publications and then compile their own reports.
Learn how to get those journals and how to write project report, you can learn it for free from the current final year students in your school. Beside the fact that it equips you with useful knowledge and prepares you for your own report writing in final year, you can make a lot of money helping others write their reports.
It’s easy to do, go learn it now and never go broke again.

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#3. Graphics Design/Coding
Each of the things mentioned here deserve paragraphs of their own. They are the rave of the moment and there’s a reason for that: a demand.
The world is advancing very fast and virtually everything is based on technology, which leads to increase in demand for people who can build the needed technologies.
With software development (coding) you can make a fortune in a short period of time, as long as you know your stuff very well.
There’s also the need for graphics designers for such things as posters, logos, fliers etc.
There’s a lot of tutorials on YouTube to learn graphics designer and a lot of free and reasonable websites to learn graphics design. Another good thing is you can make a career out of both.

#4. Writing Essay/Freelance Writing
This is yet another way to earn money quickly as a student in Nigeria, especially if you can write.
There’s a whole lot of contests out there looking forward to reading your essay entry and reward you for it. A simple “essay contest for Nigerians” search on Google is all you need.
You can also make money quickly by helping people with their writing projects – for their blogs or products or anything for that matter. There’s a lot of resources on Google to help you get ahold of freelance writing.

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#5. Playing Instruments for Churches
This one may be peculiar to Christians. It is common knowledge that churches pay people to play instruments for church services.
If you know how to play instruments such as the piano (keyboard), saxophone or can beat drums for long hours, this is an opportunity for you to explore.
Look out for Churches and make your proposal and start earning money very quickly. The good thing about this is that the pay is instant and no Church will owe you money.

This is a list of 5 quick ways to make money as a student in Nigeria, see here: https://naijapivot.com/10-business-ideas-for-students-in-nigeria/

Plan well and do any of these and you can live a broke-free life.
Which one are you going to try? Tell us in the comments.


This article was written by: naijapivot.com

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