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ANA Dedicates 2019 International Confab To Pius Adesanmi

Pius Adesanmi (late). Photo: Premium Times Nigeria
Pius Adesanmi (late). Photo: Premium Times Nigeria

The Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) has decided to dedicate the second edition of the ANA/AE-FUNAI Expanding Frontiers of Nigerian Literature International Conference and Creative Workshop to late writer and scholar, Prof. Pius Adesanmi, who died in the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash that occurred last Sunday.

According to ANA, the conference, which is themed, ‘Nigeria’s Literary Criticism in an Expanding Space of Creative Writing and Digital Production in the 21st Century’ is scheduled to hold between July 2 and July 3, 2019 at the AE-FUNAI.
The conference would examine certain issues affecting literary production in Nigeria.

The statement reads in part, “Nigerian literature is expanding in space, context and productivity, but this expansion is yet to benefit from a robust engagement from the critics in tandem with the experience of the 80s and 90s and commensurate with the tempo of the new movement and direction of our literature.

“From its beginnings in the pre-colonial era to its post-colonial contextualization, the unique breadth of Nigerian literature is second to none in the global south nay the continental sphere. This has not only produced world acclaimed creative writings but also loads of star writers, international media attention, prizes and intellectual engagement locally and internationally,”

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The statement also said that the creative workshop segment of the event would hold simultaneously within the period of the conference, adding that it would provide for professional and distinguished writers to engage younger writers in creative enterprises.

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