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ASUU UI chapter wants JAMB registrar sacked over UTME registration complaints

A Channels TV screen grab shows registrar of JAMB, Professor Ishaq Oloyede being interviewd by reporters
A Channels TV video screen grab shows the Registrar of JAMB, Professor Ishaq Oloyede being interviewed by reporters

After series of complaints in the on-going registration of candidates by Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, the Chairman, Academic Staff Union of Universities, (ASUU) University of Ibadan Chapter, Dr Deji Omole has called on the Registrar of JAMB, Professor Ishaq Oloyede to voluntarily resign from office.

The academic union also asked the Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu to call the registrar to order to lessen the difficulty being experienced by the candidates. Dr Omole said the board had outlived its usefulness and the best thing is to scrap it and allow universities design their standard examination for their own candidates. He noted that the fact that a mock examination was stopped due to logistic reasons underscored the point of alleged incompetence of the Registrar, noting that if candidates could not do mock how sure are they to pass the examination. He said: “Why will anybody make life difficult for candidates whose parents are struggling to live under the terrible condition the government has made them to live in?”

“Why would somebody introduce changes that are only known by members of the board? We have made case for the scrapping of this body because in the present instance the introduction of different registration procedures has turned candidates to victims of fraud.”while different centres now make business by arranging with private schools who bring all their students in group to come and register while children of the masses look on.” “This is a failed approach to change and the Registrar admitted this with the cancellation of the mock examination. How can we ensure that the candidates prepare well for the exams when they spend weeks waiting for Personal Identification Number and are at the mercy of registration officers who force them to go to cybercafe where they have arrangements to first create their profile before they can have their PIN” “This is where people are duping Nigerian children. This is a total failure. Students must have at least three months for registration, its procedure must be open and their options to public universities must not be limited to serve the agenda of the proprietors of private universities”, he argued.

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Source: Vanguard Nigeria

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  1. In the U.S students prior to graduation take the Scholatic Aptitude Test (SAT). The scorea obtained determines which institutions will accept them. The questions are very analytical. It is more of applied science, mathematics, and logic. Both qualitative, and quantitative requires superior thinking skills, and process mapping analysis. Institutions have their respective acceptance scores. Entry is based on merit. JAMB should be replaced with a test similar to this. In addition to the High School graduation examination (WAEC/NICO), simultaneously administer a test similar to SAT. By the time the students have graduated, all admission requirements have been fulfilled. All graduation results, and SAT results will be made available to all institutions. Students will then apply to institutions of their choice, and course of interest. A statistical distribution curve must be presented with each result obtained. This will be the students an idea of their relative competiveness, and which institutions are more likely to admit them, and to which programs. Of course a flat application fees will be submitted for a maximum of two institutions. Any additional institutions implies extra fees. Admission will not be based solely on First Choice of Course but to any of the course to which their score qualifies them. This process eliminates the need for JAMB, and places the onus directly on the the institutions, the students, and SAT score. It is however assumed that the minimum WAEC/NICO results are acceptable. In the event of extemely tight competition for an open slot, evaluate both the SAT, and WAEC results. Find the average of the three most relevant WAEC sciences, and use the entire SAT score. Lets think outside of the box. Transparency is required. JAMB is obsolete. It is rigged with the rejection of students who are higly qualified on the basis of State of Origin, and influence peddling at the local, and institutional level.


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