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Baze University Expels 39 Students on Scholarship Over Out-standing Tuition Fees

A building at Baze University, Abuja is seen in this photo by Capital City Magazine
A building at Baze University, Abuja is seen in this photo by Capital City Magazine

Thirty nine students from Sokoto were reportedly expelled from Baze University, a private University in Abuja due to outstanding tuition fees. The sponsor of the said student scholarship scheme is owing the institution a whooping amount of N71.4 million. The students are said to be under the scholarship scheme of Sokoto state government.

The University registrar, Inuwa Idris, told Daily Nigeria that the University’s efforts to have the state’s scholarship board settle their outstanding tuition fees has yield no positive result. The students were initially studying abroad before they were transferred to Baze University by the state Government.

The state scholarship board chairman, Altine Kajiji, has reacted to the expulsion of the said students and the figures of the fee stating that the State Government is owing N62.9 million and not 71.4 million.

“I don’t think there is any organization or state that is paying to them what we are paying to them as tuition fees. Besides, Baze University is not the only institution Sokoto state government is dealing with.

“They say they have financial problems that they cant even pay salaries. But the institution ia a private venture, it was not built with Sokoto state in mind. They should rather look elsewhere for funding.”

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But he assured the management of the private institution that the Sokoto state Government will resolve the out-standing bill very soon.

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