EaseUS Software: A Powerful Solution for Hard Drive Recovery

Losing data is a common problem. Disasters, naturally or accidental deletion are the reasons that lead to troublesome situation. Although, some are in habit of transferring files to recycle bin, many would just proceed pressing “Shift + Delete” before even considering again and then realize the crunch later.

EaseUS data recovery software is an effective hard drive recovery tool that helps you regain all lost data. When you delete a file, it goes into recycle bin which anyone can recover on their own. However, when files are fortuitously deleted from computer, you must need a recovery tool then.

EaseUS data recovery software
EaseUS data recovery software

So Many Solutions, Decide the Best

There are many data recovery software available, each claiming to be powerful and that they can salvage your data from any drive. Since, you have a lot to choose from, decide the one which is best. What’s more, throwing money on expensive tools just to realize later that these tools are taking long hours to retrieve your file is merely frustrating. So, test the tool before you use it.

Not only should the tool be able to recover your data, but to do at minimum time as possible.

Guide on Recovering Lost Data Using EaseUS Software

Amongst the best data recovery software, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can help you recover everything with their user-friendly dashboard. The software facilitates restoring files from internal hard drive as well as external hard drive. After you launch the software, you can choose the hard drive which contains your lost data. Click on scan button to initiate the recovery process of wiped out data.

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As soon as scanning is done, software will list down all deleted files in front of you. This way you can recognize your file with its saved name. Or, if you don’t remember file’s name, you can refine through deleted files by choosing file type. Now, mark the one (or more than one) you want to restore. Specify the location where you want to save your lost files and click on Recover button. Once the recovery process is over, software will notify the user about successful data recovery via message.

Things Every User Should Know While Going Through Hard Drive Recovery

The points listed below will assure you with successful hard drive recovery.

  • Be mindful about saving your deleted files. Don’t save recovered files on hard drive from which you are also getting your files back.
  • Install the EaseUS recovery software in another drive where you don’t want to salvage the files from, since saving it on the same drive will overwrite your lost files with installation.
  • Also, keep your data untouched since it’s impossible to recover overwritten files from drive.


In recent years, data recovery procedures have improved remarkably. So, if you have files you can’t afford to lose, do yourself a favour and try out dedicated software – the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Regardless of the reason that caused data loss, EaseUS software assures 100% recovery of your data. Plus, it’s free, easier and takes less time in regaining the lost data.

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