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Elizade University New VC Recommends Unified Examinations For Final Year University Students

Main Entrance, Elizade University. Photo: Students Nigeria
Main Entrance, Elizade University. Photo: Students Nigeria

The New Vice Chancellor of the Elizade University in Ondo state, Prof. Olukayode Amund, has recommended the establishment of a central examination body for final year students in all universities across the country.

The VC who stated this while speaking with pressmen said the unified examination by both public and private universities’ final year students would ensure standard and quality.

He said it will help raise the standard of education in the country while it will also create a level playing ground for all universities.

“I want to support the idea. It was sometimes proposed by Chief Afe Babalola and he has a reason for saying this. This will correct the impression that students from private universities are push-over.

“In essence, they did better than products of older universities. Again, if you look at the last ranking of universities, Covenant University came first, while University of Ibadan came second. That corroborates the notion that we should all have a competitive examination.

“After all, it is the same syllabus. Those of us in private universities have confidence in our products, because they have full complement of the syllabus.

“ASUU was on strike for four months and it is the syllabus and students that will suffer it because shortly after the strike, the students will write their examinations. So, how can such student be at the same level with those whose teachers never went on strike and had the full compliments of their lectures and practical as well as exposed to hands-on experience?,” the VC stated.

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