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Meta Description – Have you lost Word document on Mac? Read further and learn how to recover unsaved Word document on Mac 2016.


MS Word is the default Word processor for most Mac users today. Often you use MS Word to prepare Word documents on Mac that you wouldn’t want to lose. Still, so many of us end up losing critical Word documents on Macall the time. However, you can always recover unsaved Word document on Mac and in this article we are going to show you how.

In this article, we will also talk about MacBook recovery of deleted files, so make sure to read it till the end.

Part 1: Reasons You May Lose Word Document on Mac 

These are the six prominent reasons you may lose your Word document on Mac:

  1. When you close your Word file without saving it;
  2. When you end up accidentally deleting your Word file;
  3. When MS Word crashes after being used for long hours;
  4. Sudden shutdown of your computer while preparing the Word file;
  5. Virus attacks on your computer that destroy the Word file;
  6. In case of a corrupted hard drive or an external storage device.

Part 2: Ways to Restore Word Document on Mac

If you’ve lost your Word document on Mac do not panic as you can recover any unsaved Word document on Mac using the following methods:

Method 1 -Restore From Trash Folder

When you end up closing your Word file in a hurry, you don’t always lose the file permanently. You should be able to find it in the Trash folder. Follow these steps to recover your Word file on Mac:

Step 1.Open the Trash folder from the Mac Dock.

Step 2. You will see the list of the documents in the Trash folder. Observe every document there and try to identify your Word file. Once you find it, select it, and put it back.

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This method will place your Word document back in the same folder where it existed initially.

Method 2 -Restoration Using Time Machine

Time Machine can also be used to recover the lost Word document on Mac. It is a software that comes preinstalled in every Mac computer, and to use it you need to have a separate storage device to back up your document. Time machine keeps backup of your every document for the last 24 hours. It also keeps the snapshots of your Mac from the beginning when you start your system to shut down.

How You Can Set up the Time Machine Software on Your Mac

Step 1. Firstly, you need to connect a storage drive to your Mac.

Step 2. Then format your storage drive. When you start formatting your drive, then Mac asks you about making this drive as back up drive for Time Machine. Once you agree on that pop-up box, then Mac used your drive as back up unit.

Step 3. In case, if you don’t get any pop-up, then you can go to the preference setting of Time machine software and choose your storage drive as a backup disk.

Method3 -Use AutoRecover Folder in Word for Restoring Your Document

MS Word on your Mac has a particular feature, which is called ‘AutoRecover.’ This feature is by default ON within Word, which helps in saving your document automatically.

However, you need to save your data initially with a name and only after that would AutoRecover work. This feature will autosave the word documents at your desired location on Mac after every ten minutes.

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Method 4 -Find Lost Documents in the Temporary Folder

Every Mac has a feature called Temporary folder which saves the documents temporarily. But the Temporary folder is not easy to find on Mac. These are the steps to find the Temporary folder on your Mac:

Step 1. Open Terminal on your Mac.

Step 2. Then, type in this command- open $TMPDIR.

Step 3. Then press the ‘enter’ button.

Your Temporary folder will open, and there is a chance of getting lost documents saved temporarily.  You can find your lost Word files and restore them.

Part 3: Recover Word Document on Mac With Recoverit File Recovery Software

If you are unable to recover your Word document from the above method and you are searching for a better answer on how to recover unsaved Word document on Mac 2016, then you should try Recoverit data recovery software.


  1. It is a powerful word document restoration software.
  2. It is efficient enough to restore lost, deleted word document on Mac quickly, securely and completely.
  3. It is also able to recover those word documents which got lost due to system crash, virus attack and sudden shutdown of the system.
  4. It can restore any file format with a 96% success rate.
  5. You can easily install it on Mac OS 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, and Mac OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8.

Restore Word Document Using Recoverit File Recovery Software

Firstly, download the software, install it on your Mac, and then follow the steps below:

Step 1. Choose a Word file location – First of all, you need to choose the location on your Mac where your Word document existed previously. Then click on the Start button.

Step 2. Scan for the deleted or lost file– The software will take a few minutes to complete its scanning process and end up with a list of files lost from the selected drive.

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Step 3. Recover your Word document after seeingthe preview– You can either select a few or all the files that you want to recover from the list on the screen. You also have the option to preview the Word files for a better view. Finally, click on the Recover button and get back your lost Word file on your Mac.


  1. The interface of the software is very much user-friendly.
  2. The recovery process is speedy and reliable. It scans your hard drive in the shortest time and gives you the result.
  3. It will search your document very promptly, securely and completely.
  4. Works on all operating systems of Mac and Windows.


  1. It may even recover damaged or corrupted files.
  2. Sometimes, it takes a long time to detect the deleted files. So, you need to reboot your system and re-open the software.
  3. You cannot access all the features in the free version of the software.


All in all, if you don’t want to waste your time searching for ways on how to recover lost Word document on Mac, then you should first save your Word document with a name before starting your work. You can also rely on the Autosave feature; however, the best method would be to use the iSkysoft toolbox for complete data recovery of your Mac.

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