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43 U.S. Tertiary Institutions Want Nigerian Students

Black Students pose and smile while taking picture. Photo: Students Nigeria
Black Students pose and smile while taking picture. Photo: Students Nigeria

About 43 United States Universities that participated in the 19th Annual Education USA College Fair at Magodo, Lagos are encouraging Nigerian students to study in the United States of America, a report by Punch Newspapers show.
Mr. Russell Brooks, Public Affairs Officer, Education USA, stated that the interest of American Universities in Nigerian students at the college fair when he said that the United States is ready to support Nigeria in her effort to develop the huge potential of her economy and of her human capital.
“Schooling in the US would enhance mutual understanding that is people to people exchanges which are an important component of strengthening our relations with the global community.
“It will also provide options for graduates. Nigerians will benefit from studying in the United States. A degree from a US College or University leads to additional schooling or jobs. International students may seek practical training through the Curriculum Practical training and the Optional Practical training.
“Also, all these are to promote educational variety because the US has more than 4,500 accredited institutions and offer everything from two-year associate degrees to four-year bachelors, Master degree and doctoral degrees,” Brooks stated.

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