How Orgasm Makes You Healthier

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The news that orgasm can improve health is unlikely to be an argument to get your girlfriend turned on, but you should learn about the miraculous effect of this phenomenon just for the sake of scientific interests. The study gives us an answer on what the health benefits of orgasm are? The problem of this study was questionable, because finding a control group and tracking their physical indicators during sex is rather difficult, so proving the use of “all-healing” orgasm was complicated. But there is nothing impossible for science, and today you will find out how an orgasm can save humanity, well, or improve its health.

It improves the functioning of the brain

Let’s take a look at orgasm and health phenomena. In the study of orgasm, the inquisitive minds of scientists decided to use magnetic resonance imaging to monitor the processes occurring in the brain during orgasm. Brain and functional activity at this moment dramatically increase due to greater use of oxygen and active blood flow, which at this moment brings additional nutrients to the brain. Scientists compared orgasm with active exercises for the brain, since the tomography showed approximately the same result in both cases.

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It eases the pain

Other orgasm health benefits include painkiller characteristics. If your girlfriend refuses having sex because of a headache, you can say that from now on you are acting as a doctor. It is proved that with an orgasm in the human body, oxytocin is released, which alleviates the pain. For example, it is a great way to ease the headache and speed recovery after ailment. Because of this natural way of isolating oxytocin, scientists began a study on the topic: “Is it possible to cure chronic diseases with the help of orgasm?”.

Orgasm has a beneficial effect on fertility

A targeted study on this issue has not been conducted, but many tests have shown that women who experience orgasm retain more seed after sex than those who do not experience it. In addition, uterine contractions that occur during orgasm can help sperm move in the right direction.

Orgasm relieves stress

Anti-stress effect is another point of health benefits of female orgasm. “How pleasant it is to be convinced in the correctness of this statement”, you thought, reading this paragraph. Yes, your guesses have been scientifically confirmed, so immediately run and relieve stress with your girlfriend after you finish reading the article. When a person experiences an orgasm, endorphins and oxytocin are secreted in his body, which make us feel good, relaxed and improves our mood. Studies suggest that sex and masturbation are the best means that can help relieve stress and get rid of anxiety.

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Prophylaxis of prostate cancer

Now, what are the health benefits of male orgasm? In 2004, a study, in which 50,000 men participated, was conducted. As a result, it was found that men who experienced more than 21 orgasms a month had a 30% less chance of developing prostate cancer than those who experienced this wonderful feeling less often. In another study, which was held in the distant 2003, 2000 people were involved. Scientists have found that men who reported more than five orgasms a week at the age of 20 are the least likely to develop prostate cancer. As a result, the researchers put forward the theory that frequent ejaculations clean the prostate of old sperm, thereby preventing cancer.

Ensures longevity

In 1997, a study was conducted that showed that men who have the greatest number of orgasms (on average 2 times a week) live longer than those who have less. This is due to the fact that those who are able to have sex in a relationship in a relatively old age, suffer from fewer diseases than those who do not have sex at all. In addition, when engaged in sex, long-livers also perform physical exercises, because sex is the same training that keeps us in good physical condition.

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