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Be A Good Leader, And A Friendly, Smart And Approachable Classmate –How To Do It


Be A Good Leader, And A Friendly, Smart And Approachable Classmate –How To Do It
Be A Good Leader, And A Friendly, Smart And Approachable Classmate –How To Do It (the Image)

Question: Who doesn’t like to be liked by everyone?

Answer: Perhaps nobody, everybody likes to be liked by everyone.

People want their Teachers, Lecturers, Housemates, Classmates, Church mates, neighbours and everybody to like them. However, this article is designed to help students who want their classmates to like them, those who want to be Smart, Good Leaders, approachable and friendly.

If you want to posses any of the above qualities follow these steps:

Want to be a smart student? This is for you:-

First, you must study hard to be smart; you need to read non-fiction books, the reason is fiction books tend to give you unrealistic ideas and views of life. You will learn new things by reading informational books. If you find reading nonfiction books too boring, read online articles or just read fictional books to learn new words.

Secondly, you need to listen up in class! When the Teacher/lecturer is teaching, you need to be paying attention if you’re going to learn anything and become smarter. If you’re sitting beside someone that you either usually talk to or he/she is talking in class to the point where you can’t pay attention, think about getting a new seat or tell the person to be quiet.


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How to be a good leader:-

To be a good leader in school, start behaving like a leader and not a boss. In a group project, take charge! Sit down and tell everyone to give their ideas. This way, you’ll be able to have everyone speak, and they’ll know subconsciously that you are capable of being the leader. After everyone has given their ideas, give your opinion of the ideas and let others speak their opinions. If you are really against the idea, have a vote and see who is for and against the idea. Sometimes, the leader needs to let others get their way. Then, ask the group who wants to do what. If there are two people who want to do the same thing, let someone work on half of the task and the other person do the other. If this is not possible, it’s best for you to choose. If there are tasks that no one has volunteered to do, even if you don’t want to do it, say you’ll do it yourself. If there are more tasks than there are people, take up the extra tasks unless someone else offers to do them.

Make sure everyone does his/her assigned work, get everyone’s phone numbers so you can call them and be sure they are working on the project and to get a report on how they are doing.

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In addition to what we have said above, a good leader also does the following and you may also think of doing them:

  1. Always look out for someone either without a group or dissatisfied with their group, offer to let them join your group, even if they are a so-called “unserious”. This will make the person feel accepted, and you will, even if it’s not at the moment, feel good about this decision.
  2. Exert your authority in a polite and friendly manner; if there is someone that is not completing their task, don’t be afraid to confront them and tell them to get their game on! If there isn’t much time left for the person to do their task alone, offer to go over and help them! There’s nothing worse than when someone doesn’t get their task done and everyone ends up with a bad grade after all the hard work they’ve done.

Want to be approachable and friendly? Do these:-

  1. A friendly and approachable person gives out heartfelt compliments! Don’t tell fake ones. Be genuine! They will take you more seriously and feel much better about the compliment you gave them. Avoid hurtful or hate speeches, they drive people away from you.
  2. Always have good hygiene! Nobody is approachable when they smell! So be sure to brush your teeth twice a day, brush your hair, wear deodorant (very important), and take a shower every day if possible. Also, wear clothes that fit you!
  3. You should always have a smile on your face and good posture. A smile makes everyone feel happier, especially if it’s directed at them. Be sure it’s not fake, or they will be able to tell and will feel sad and think you are being “fake nice” to them. Good posture tells people that you have confidence, and that makes people feel comfortable around you. When you smile, people around you smile; remember, people like being where they smile.
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  1. The fact that you are smart, a leader, friendly and approachable doesn’t mean everyone is going to like you. Some people don’t like other people for no reason. PLEASE LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK BELLOW.

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