How to get a bank teller job in Nigeria in simple steps

Bank teller job – The Nigerian banking industry had been one of the largest employer of labor in the country despite economic struggles and uncertainty.

Do you want to build a career in banking, and will probably give banking a shot, if you have interest in banking without prior knowledge on how to get employed, then this post is basically dedicated to you.

I urge you to sit back and give me your maximum concentration, read each word as if your life depends on it and will probably not get a second chance if you let this opportunity slip away.

This is a kind of information you will definitely pay to get elsewhere, but I’m giving out to you my valued reader free of charge.

Why am I doing this, the number of unemployed youths had gone beyond the roof top in this country, that being said, I took responsibility upon myself to share my wealth of experience in this area to at least help employable Nigerian youths to get a job and start a life.

With that out of the picture now, permit me to welcome you to “How to get a bank teller job in Nigeria”

Like you are aware, getting a good job with decent pay in Nigeria is not a tea party.

According to Nigerian Bureau of statistics (NBS); unemployment rate in Nigeria in the third quarter of 2018 moved from 18.1% to 23.1% a very bad call to reality if we must be sincere enough to ourselves.

With that in view, you will agree with me that Nigerians are going through untold pains, especially the unemployed graduates as deemed suitable for the subject under review.

How to get a bank teller job

I will be treating this topic as though you’re hearing bank teller for the first time, there’s every possibility that you’ve never thought of working in a bank prior now, but you can take something out of this.

A bank teller is a bank employee who does the following;

  • Pays cash to customers and checks
  • Collects, counts customer’s cash and post same,
  • Provides answers to customer enquiry etc

In a nutshell, tellers do the bulk of the dirty jobs in the bank. These are the people you interface with in the bank for your daily transactions, ranging across the counter to the bulk room.

Requirements and qualifications

  • To get a bank teller job, you will need to at least have Ordinary National Diploma (OND), some banks employ strictly with diploma.
  • Higher National Diploma (HND) is equally required by most banks, the salary however will differ depending on the acceptable qualification and the bank in view.
  • You need to have good oral and writing communication skills in English; you will interface with customers who mostly you are expected to communicate with them in English, speaking good English is not negotiable. You need good writing skills to communicate and interpret your data from time to time.
  • You must be honest, since you will be dealing with money, you’re not expected to be a thief, and integrity must be maintained at the highest pinnacle.
  • You ought to have good analytic ability, this will enable you to perform and manipulate figures with ease in terms of balancing account.
  • You must be customer centric, ability to show great love to the bank customers at all times and unconditionally. The bank will prefer to get you sacked as a staff than loss a single customer, so be duly guided in this area. May be you’ve got to know why they say “Customer is the King.”

You probably have known why Polytechnic graduates easily get a Bank teller job in Nigeria, aside that, paying university graduates is a daunting task as the Nigerian financial institutions are always after profit taking, they will go to any length to keep this trend.

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Bachelor of Science holders are mostly employed as direct staff, but that itself is not an easy feet to attain, thus why there are few core staff in the bank compared to their outsourced counterparts. I will discuss elaborately about these two categories of staff in the Nigerian banking industry going forward.

If by any means you meet the above recommended standard, it’s time to advance your search in earnest.

Visit outsourcing agents

Does that sound wild! Well that’s the journey you must accomplish, like I detailed above, bank tellers are being employed by job recruitment agents, then seconded to the bank as the case may be.

Now look at how it goes;

You visit an outsourcing agent office with your CV and related documents, get guidelines on the application process.

Note; they’ll subject you to test, having passed this phase you proceed to documentation proper where you are expected to provide your certificate, depending on what you have anyways.

These outsourcing agents as well recruit for other organizations order than banks, just so you know.

Outsourcing agents in Nigeria

There are a handful of outsourcing agents in Nigeria, you may use any of the below;

  • ICSL: Integrated Corporate Services Limited
  • Workforce group
  • XL Management Services Limited;
  • VLA etc. You may have to Google them out for contacts and web address.


In your documentation process you will be given a guarantor’s form.

Take a look at the concept of guarantors form;

Guarantors form: This is a form given to an applicant by the recruiting or outsourcing agent, the content of this form is high case security sensitive.

In this guarantor form, categories of people who are permitted to guarantee you are enlisted, usually professionals of various ranks as deemed suitable with the company’s risk appetite. You could as well have traditional rulers as specified in the content of the form.

Now the essence of getting these guarantors to fill and sign the forms for you is to stand in as Surtees, you know why? You are dealing with money and its fraud sensitive.

If by any eventuality you abscond with the bank’s money or commit fraud related offence that resulted in loss of funds, the bank will reach out to your employer, who will then reach out to your guarantors to indemnify the bank duly.

Putting the bank into any form of financial or material loss in a fraudulent means is tantamount to endangering your guarantors who repose high degree of confidence and trust in you.

For the record, the content of a guarantor’s form is very scary that it takes people with extraordinary confidence in you to endorse.

Why am I saying this, we’ve had cases where family members refused to sign or endorse for relatives, giving that there are series of warnings contained in the form which is aimed at enlightening the guarantor to understand the contract he/she is undertaking.

The position of the law as contained therein is to indemnify the bank to the last kobo in event of fraud or loss of funds.

If by any chance people turn down your request for guarantor, kindly understand and move ahead, do not make a meal out of it, you might probably do same if you were in their shoes. Intensify your search and you’ll get someone who will trust you enough to stand by you.

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Please be honest with these guarantors forms, do not fake them, the outsourcing agents have field agents who travel far and wide, length and breadth of this country to confirm the authenticity of your guarantors.

They will visit your supposed guarantors as provided and confirm their identity, if you fell short in this area, your employment will be terminated, then get you arrested. You will have to pay every damn loss they incurred on you as perceived.

Interview proper with the bank

Having completed your documentation with the agents, you’re then scheduled for an interview with the bank.

The bank will subject you for an interview with their selected panel, if you’re successful in the interview, the bank will refer your performance back to your agent for consideration, who in turn informs you that you were successful at the interview.


The outsourcing company will then invite you for medical, having passed your medical your offer letter will be made available, thereafter proceed for your induction proper, then deployed to your branch of primary assignment.

It’s in your offer letter that you’ll get to know your salary and other basic allowances. At this point I must say heartfelt congratulations to you.

Having received your offer letter and ready to report at the branch, it becomes necessary to get you abreast with some importance factors in banking.

Core staff vs Outsourced staff

Having said this initially, it becomes necessary you understand the difference between the two categories of bank staff

Core staff: These are order-wise called the professional staff, usually few in number per bank branch. They are the real direct employee of the bank as well paid directly by the paid.

You may choose to say they are well paid, they enjoy varying benefits ranging from profit sharing, upfront and quarterly as applicable by the bank.

Their activities oversee that of the support or outsourced staff, they emphatically do less but earn huge. The list cadre of core staff earn almost three times the highest cadre of outsourced staff.

Outsourced staff: These are the bank workaholics, if you choose to call them so, you are emphatically not wrong. They make up the highest number of staff in a bank, being that they are employed on contract, they earn less and struggle the most.

They are not entitled to any other benefit apart from their salaries, you know what, these are the bank tellers.

So it’s very important you understand this fact before you resume, so you wouldn’t have to find out on the job. Bank teller job calls for patience, save as much as you can with the little time you have and move ahead with your life.

You are hardly converted, even when the opportunity comes, your age would have been over the bar.

So save and start a business to help yourself before they will show you the exit door, it’s most certain, don’t just relax thinking you have a job, heed an expert advice.

Bank teller salary in Nigeria

I’m about to touch the most sensitive area of this discussion, like I said prior now, tellers earn miserably low and there’s no end in sight towards that for now.

It’s either you are employed with OND or HND as a teller.

If you got employed with OND, most banks pay around N60,000 to N80,000 monthly. However, with years of experience and promotions, you could earn N90k+ with OND.

If you got employed with HND, most banks pay N90,000 to N110,000, with years of experience and promotions, you could earn N120+ with HND.

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However, most banks will hardly promote you, needless to mention banks. Their yardstick for promotions sometimes is out of this world.

How much you got paid depends on the bank, there are no fix rate.

Operational procedures

Banking department is divided into two, the operations and the marketing department. As a bank teller, you will sure be working from the operational end, which handles cash, deposits and paying customers’ cash and check withdrawals.

You have a reporting line, your job falls within the ambit of the “Head of operations” who is in charge of the operation department.

You are however reporting directly to the cash officer. The cash officer disburses cash to you in the morning as “vault out”. You are expected to carry out your system operations by buying same cash from your system through the bank software as applicable to the bank.

Banks use oracle, finacle or flex cube, these are all software’s where your operations should be housed. Do not bother yourself understanding it now, you will learn better at the branch.

You are as well expected to sell your vault in to the cash officer after work, who will in turn authorize it on the system.

You are not allowed to exchange cash with fellow tellers, the cash officer should make provisions when you run dry, strictly understand this.


I will be wrapping upbank teller job on a very important note, you see, banking operations is guided by policy and procedures. Do well to read and understand the policy and position of the bank while carrying out your daily activities.

You could easily get sanctioned for infraction of a single policy, you may however escape sanctions having falter on policy, but that can only happen when there are no issues. It pays to err on the side of caution.

Again, your boss would like you to bend policy in certain instance to favor certain transactions, you would have to reason objectively to take a decision.

In practice, two policies exist on the job, the banks’ policy and your boss’s policy, you can find a way to marry the both without having issues, always respect your boss’s opinion he/she is in charge of your appraisal, but do not bend to committing fraud.

Maintain a good working relationship with your boss, it pays.

But remember to keep the bulk of your money in safe custody, do not trust anyone with your money, not even your boss, you will surely get your fingers burnt if you do order-wise.

Your user ID and password is strictly for you alone, do not compromise it by giving it to anyone, they could commit fraud with your ID, when they do, you will be in for it.

On this note, I wish you a happy career and delightful work experience.

Did you find this article helpful, why not share it, some other persons might need it too.


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