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Ijaw Youths Complain of Maritime University Abandonment

Mr. Roland Pereotubo Oweilaemi. Photo: FACEBOOK

The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) has disclosed that the Federal Government of Nigeria has completely abandoned the Nigerian Maritime University in Warri, Delta sate.
According to Daily Trust, Mr. Roland Pereotubo Oweilaemi, IYC National President made the complaint in a statement signed and made available to Newsmen.
“IYC visited the school and reliably confirmed that the Federal Government has abandoned the maritime institution completely,” the statement said.
According to IYC, the bad and pitiable condition of the institution has threatened its continued existence.
“The council on our unscheduled visit to the school was made to understand that the FG only paid N2b out of the N5b take off grant it has earlier pledged to pay. Even the N3b financial appropriation in the 2018 budget for the school has not been released to it.
“As we speak now, majority of the staff have deserted the school as the institution is unable to pay its staff for many months, while the Vice Chancellor of the institution is moving round the country sourcing for funds, it said.
The Ijaw Youth Council expressed regrets that the present administration has not lived up to its promises to pay absolute attention to the school.
“What we found out on our visit is an eyesore. The generating plant that has been supplying power to the institution is not working as the management has no finance to buy diesel. Students and staff are living in hell in the school building because there is no light. Water supply to the school has stopped because there is no power to pump water.
“While FG is paying due attention to some other newly established institutions in the country such as the Nigerian Army University, the Nigerian Maritime University which is the only economic benefit to the economically dejected, marginalized and pauperized Niger Delta people has been completely abandoned by the government of President Mohammad Buhari,” IYC stated.

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