Innovative, Mind-Blowing Online Art Websites In 2019

Creativity is always an impressive feat, but these art websites show off some of the best of 2019. In today’s world you can make your computer a mind blowing art museum so you can see all the internet has to offer right from your home. We have compiled just a few websites for you to explore today, from virtual museums, interactive projects, and impressive blogs that show off different aspects of the art world. Enjoy exploring these impressive art websites.

The National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Art allows you to view their exhibits online where you can explore various exhibits as well as their most impressive pieces of work. When clicking on an artwork you get a close up image of the work as well as a page of information on the work, the artist, and other connected works. This is an amazing resource for learning about classic artworks as well as brushing up on some art history.

The NGAkids Art Zone also offers interactive activities for the younger artists. With 15 downloadable projects, available on Windows, Mac and as an Ipad app, children will be entertained as well as learn about art and art history. These would be an excellent companion to Met’s Timeline of Art History.

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Design Boom

Design Bloom is a blog which shows off amazing innovative architecture, design, technology, and more. Featuring interviews which show off the process of these amazing designs, as well as allowing you to purchase unique items including interesting installations and art pieces as well as decor and even furniture that will make awesome conversation pieces in your home. These architectural designs include concepts and technology integral to today’s growing world, as well as some that are a little quirky. Exploring their website is a breeze due to the tabs at the top and the articles are all interesting for anyone interested in architecture or design. They even have multiple competitions you can join if you are an artist yourself making this an amazing website for any creative individual.

Brown Paper Bag

If you are interested in illustration of all forms including embroidery, and even tattoos then Brown Paper Bag is the place for you. Started by Sara Barnes, an MFA in Illustration Practice alum, freelance illustrator and writer, and who is on staff at My Modern Met, this blog is a goldmine for illustration. The website itself shows off the beauties of design and embroidery, and the blog is a place where all forms of illustration are praised and enjoyed. Using the random post button on the site you can explore thousands of talented artist and see behind the scenes work in progress shots of their artworks. There is also a link to Barnes’ Etsy shop where she sells adorable embroidery featuring cats and plants, as well as links to various creative products to brighten up your day.

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