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Kola Daisi University Hosts Colin Bos as First Research Fellow

Main Entrance, Kola Daisi University. Photo: Newspeakonline
Main Entrance, Kola Daisi University. Photo: Newspeakonline

Kola Daisi University, Ibadan, according to Daily Independent News, has played host to its first Research Fellow, Mr. Colin Bos from the United States of America as part as efforts to shore up the university’s rating, acceptance and international acclaim.

The visit by the Fellow who is a Doctoral student of the Department of History at the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, Northwestern University, USA, has his interest and focus on West African intellectual history, indigenous medicine and healing culture.

According to Daily Independent News, during his four-week stint in KDU, Bos is expected to probe into the ‘role of textuality and orality in healing cultures’, as well as the interaction between biomedicine and social perspectives to health issues at the indigenous level, towards unraveling West Africans’ attitudinal dispositions to science, medicine and diseases.

“One thing that has motivated my research was the shame I felt in knowing so little about African history and Africa’s many and diverse cultures. It was disturbing to me when I first studied African history; how this had never been presented to me before even though, I had learnt so much about the history of everywhere else,” Bos stated.

Prof. Kolade Ayorinde, Vice Chancellor, KDU, at a luncheon in honor of Bos, appreciated him for his choice of Kola Daisi University as part of the academic requirements for his Doctoral program.

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