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Leaders Alone Shouldn’t Be Blamed – Yusuf Ali

Mallam Yusuf Ali. Photo: Independent Newspaper Nigeria
Mallam Yusuf Ali. Photo: Independent Newspaper Nigeria

The Pro-Chancellor of the Osun State University, Mallam Yusuf Ali had said it is the responsibility of all Nigerians to contribute to the moral revival of the country.

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria said Nigerian leaders alone should not be blamed for the various challenges facing the country.

According to Vanguard News, Ali made the utterance while speaking at the 7TH convocation ceremony of the university on Friday in Osogbo.

“We cannot continue to blame our leaders for the various ills that have bedeviled our country when we the followers by our conducts are the antithesis of goodness and moral sanctity.

“It is customary as a national past time to heap blames on our governments and leaders for the multifarious challenges and issues that stare us in our faces.

“I posit that we the followers are as culpable, guilty and blameworthy for all the vices we accuse our leaders of. At any event, the future of our country, given the abundance of human and materials resources, is assured with the right mix of patriotic, committed, honest, incorruptible and visionary leaders, tomorrow is going to be better for us,” Ali said.

Ali, while congratulating the graduating students, said it was the responsibility of all Nigerians to move the country forward.

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