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This season, a particularly tense struggle for gold medals and places in the Champions League zone unfolded in the Premier League. One of the key clubs here is Manchester United. In the first half of the season, the team led by Jose Mourinho looked really bad. As a result, a catastrophic gap from the top four teams.

The club management has long suffered unsuccessful results, but in the end it was forced to resign the Portuguese coach. The fscore.ug website always offers only the latest results of matches featuring the Red Devils and their rivals.

Red Devils

Before the New Year, Ole Gunnar Solskaer, the legendary football player, was appointed as Manchester United’s new coach. He quickly managed to find mutual understanding with his players, which he managed to convert into positive results for the team.


Red DevilsProspects in Second Half of Season

Solskaer was able to quickly play the 8-point gap back from Arsenal. Due to this, the Red Devils began to claim a place in the zone of the Champions League again. In this case, the team has a number of trumps. In particular:

  1. Excellent selection of players in each of the lines. Of course, the defense clearly needs to be strengthened, but, having such a goalkeeper as David De Gea, you can not worry about the gatessecurity.
  2. Tactical flexibility of the United. Now, Solskaer chooses the formation for the match depending on the rival, which gives the result. The team has become less vulnerable in defense and makes good use of the mistakes of the opponents defense.
  3. Individual skills of players. Pogba, Rashford, De Gea all of them repeatedly and almost singlehandedly can secure results for the team.

So far, the lag behind Chelsea is still quite large, but if the team manages to keep the current pace, it will be able to play the handicap back and count on a place in the Champions League zone following the results of a busy season, despite the fact that a few rounds ago the fans could only dream of that.

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