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‘No Work No Pay’ Rule Will Prolong Strike – ASUU

 President Muhammad Buhari
President Muhammad Buhari

According to the Vanguard News, the dialogue between the Federal Government and the Academic Staff Union of Union (ASUU), over the ongoing nationwide industrial action has gone messier due to the ‘no work no pay’ policy by the government.
ASUU described the policy has a threat that could hold no water and has vowed never to return to work except demands are met.

Some lecturers who spoke to Vanguard, said that the policy was not new to them, adding that it would further emboldened the union because it had passed through that route before now.

According to Prof. Oyesoji Aremu, Director, Distance Learning Centre, University of Ibadan (UI), ASUU as a union has passed this route before, so it is not anything strange to its struggle. As a matter of fact, it has always emboldened the union.

“I think the FG should have gone pass this threat of ‘No work no pay’ to workers while on strike. The question is, is strike not a legitimate instrument on the part of the workers? And on the ASSU’s struggle, why is the FG not addressing the issues? Why is the FG not sincere enough to address the agreement freely entered into and signed with the union?

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“It is about time the FG through its team understands some principles in collective bargaining with a view to addressing the challenges confronting the university system in Nigeria. The rottenness in the education sector must be halted,” he said.

Prof. Isaac Olawale, Prof. of Peace and Conflict Studies, in his reaction, stated that “It is not good for a person who doesn’t work to be paid. However, ASUU has no other way of getting this regime, like the past ones, to respect agreements.
“Our primary and secondary schools collapsed because there was no strong movement such as ASUU to save it. ASUU is altruistic. It is doing whatever it is doing now to protect the credibility of Nigeria’s education.”

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