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Onyinye Etoniru-Okoh Launches Africa’s most prestigious Undergraduate Award (The BLUE Award)

The Founder of Truekolours Hub, Onyinye Etoniru-Okoh would on Saturday launch The BLUE(Bold Leadership University Experience) Award, an initiative of Truekolours Hub. The BLUE Award is a programme that gives undergraduates access to volunteering opportunities, student jobs, student internships, life skill training, and development experiences; and awards them for their involvement in these activities after completing 100 Blue Points.

The BLUE Award

In Nigeria, 1.8 million graduates enter the job market yearly. After graduation, they expect to get a job but that does not usually happen automatically. The unemployment rate is alarming at 18.8% in 2017. We are also faced with graduates who are not ready for the real world whether as an employee or an entrepreneur. Graduates are not usually clear of the career or entrepreneurial path to follow as the educational system has placed more focus on the certificate alone and does not intentionally prepare undergraduates for the future of work and business.

The BLUE Award solves the problem of skill gap and closes the self-knowledge gap of graduates by equipping young people to discover themselves early enough in order to help them make better career and entrepreneurial decisions after University.

She believes that undergraduates deserve a holistic educational experience. The award, therefore, gives students the opportunity to experience the University life, build their capabilities, learn new skills, improve their social and work intelligence, explore their passions, discover their interests, prepare for life after school and get rewarded for their involvement in these extra-curricular activities while in the University.

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Why the Award?

In today’s increasingly competitive job market, employers consider everything a candidate has to offer – not just their academic achievements.

Entrepreneurial success also is not dependent on one’s passion alone but the skills and capacity the person has built in order to manage and sustain a business. Employers are looking for applicants who can identify their abilities, engage their skills and have experience. The work environment does not respect just certificate but skills, good qualities, capabilities and knowledge that can be transferred.

The BLUE Award will help undergraduates stand out from the crowd, provide a great addition to their CV and give them precisely the platform for personal, social, skill and professional development that would help them thrive after school.

She is calling on Organizations who would like to be part of the BLUE Award to empower Africa’s workforce by publishing their opportunities to register on the platform and students in any university in Nigeria to sign up for the award via

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