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Prof. Okebukola Calls On FG To Pay More Attention To Nigerian Universities

Prof. Peter Okebukola, Chairman, Governing Council of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), has called on the Federal Government to pay more attention to universities in the country especially in the area of research.

Okebukola lamented about the worrisome state of laboratories in some of the universities across the country, stressing that they lacked the adequate equipment that would help researchers to be productive.

He made it known that the situation had prevented researchers from being effective, despite the fact that they were knowledgeable.

The former NUC Boss made the call during the unveiling of the book, ‘Dare to Be,’ written by a former educational administrator at Corona Schools Trust Council, Mrs. Carmen Latty.

“Students should tahe the advantage of mobile phones to engage themselves in electronic studies, instead of using them negatively by indulging in watching pornographic videos, as recent research indicated,” he added.

The author of the book, Latty, stated that she was prompted to write the book in order to help reshape the Nigerian education system with her experience on the job.

“Currently, we are crying about the status of education in the country and the question is what are we doing about this? This is where the story of my life comes in to help shape things right in this direction. I perceived that there are lots to be done to help Nigeria education and this book will help on this,” Latty stated.

Dr. Alimi Abdu-Rasaq, who was the chairman of the event, praised the author of the book, noting that she had a lot to pass on to the coming generation.

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