Splitting PDF Files with Soda PDF

When you have a large PDF file, you can split it into numerous smaller PDF files, for easier management and transferring the files. There are no enough platforms to allow you to split platform. But sodapdf.com/split-pdf/ allows you to split your PDF files for free. It is easy and you can split your large PDF files into small ones in just a few seconds.

Reasons for Splitting PDF Files with Soda
1. A large PDF file is challenging to manage. Thus the need to split them into smaller manageable bits.
2. In case of an accident or file loss, you can retrieve parts of the file especially, if you had split it up into smaller files from the large file.
3. Sometimes it is hard and it takes too long to open a large PDF file. Splitting makes it faster to open saving you time.
4. When uploading or downloading a large PDF file, an error might occur, take too long or pause mid-way. With Soda PDF, you can split any type of document regardless of its size or length.
Soda PDF makes it easier for you to deal and manage your files in an organized manner. It could be for your personal files or business files. You can use this application anywhere from your devices. Soda PDF is compatible with your computer, laptop, smartphone or your tablet. This is a reliable, portable and intuitive software that you can use anywhere.
When splitting your PDF document the original document and data are left unaltered. You can automatically split your PDF files by page numbers and the Soda PDF will systematically organize the split pages for you in just a few seconds. When splitting the files, consider the size allowed for each split file.

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Splitting Your PDF with Soda PDF
Start by selecting the file you want to split. You can upload from your computer, drag and drop it or download from cloud storage such as Google Drive.
Pick the pages you want to split from the original file. You can select the number of pages and the order in which they appear. You can also split an individual page into different pages.
After splitting the files you can view them on your computer from your browser. Alternatively, you can download a link sent to via email by Soda PDF. This link is only available for 24 hours.

The Benefits of Using Soda PDF
Cost Saving-Most Soda PDF software are really affordable with free trials and absolutely free software such as PDF splitter.
Compatible with Cloud- Soda PDF is compatible with cloud storage such as Google Drive and OneDrive. It can be used with web-based applications for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Linux.
Effective Support Team-Soda PDF have a dedicated customer support team. You can reach the support team through chat, email or phone. The turnaround time is very fast. So if you are having any problem splitting your files you can reach them for a quick response.

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