Sports Betting Bonuses

Now, the competition to grab more customers is something that every business cannot shy away from. In the sports bookmaking world, many strategies are applied to achieve this, and the offering of bonuses stand as one of the most potent. That is why experienced punters are always on the lookout for the betting houses that offer the best bonuses. With these bonuses or free betting credits, bettors can wager on sporting activities of their choice. They are of different types and come with different terms and conditions. In Nigeria for instance, there are up to 5 different types that people can capitalize on. The good thing about these is that they give you the opportunity to make real money bets even when you have no money. However, these are mostly given either as a welcome offer for new members, as a periodic gift to older members, and in some cases, in appreciation of some actions by existing members. Below is a list of the most popular sports betting bonuses.

Sports Betting Bonuses

No Deposit Bonus

This is mostly given by those sportsbooks that combine bookmaking and casino services. So, it’s very right to say that it is a rare sports bonus. Here, some amount of money is deposited into the punters account once they sign up, and they can bet with this even without funding their account.

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Welcome or Signup Bonus

These are given by all the sporsbooks. They come to players when they are through with registration and have deposited money into their account for the first time. In most cases, they come as a reward of some percentage of the money paid in.


Bonus on Losses

With this type, the sportsbooks try to retain their punters. The amount that bettors have lost in the site over a period of time are calculated and a certain percentage given back to them to keep staking with. More information, on http://bet2win.com.ng/accessbet/.

High Roller Bonuses

Just like in the casinos, they are exclusively for the big spenders. People who deposit huge amounts and stake heavily with them will normally get this type of reward from time to time.

Cash Out Bonus

This is a situation where players are allowed to withdraw their winnings even before the expiration of the event. It accords punters the chance to enjoy less risk and take their destiny in their hands.

Mobile bonus

As the name indicates, this simply means the type of bonus that people get, depending on their activities on mobile. It’s mostly given to those who deposit funds and wager on mobile.

Accumulator Bonus

This goes to punters who select a higher number of games in one ticket. In some cases, it is for those who select from 5 up, in some, it could be from 10 up. This could be up to 40% of the stake.

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One Cut Refund

This rewards punters with a 100% refund of the amount they staked if it is only one event that did not happen as they predicted in a slip with many events.

Goalless Draw Money back

This is also witnessed in Nigerian sportsbooks. Nairabet for instance will refund you 100% of your stake if the football event you wagered on ends at a 0-0 draw.

Sporting event bonuses

This is very popular with sportsbooks in Nigeria. It comes in the form of special offers given during some tournaments or for some competitions. It is normally tied to such competitions, can only be used for such competitions, and expires once the competitions are over. An example is the bet9ja bonus for a particular round of Champions League games.

Reload bonuses

These are also part of the welcome package. But they normally come from the sportsbooks when you do your second or third deposits. These are rare in the sportsbooks and they are normally not as big as the first deposit gifts.

Match Play Bonuses

These gifts are given based on the turnout of the event for which they are doled out for. They are designed like coupons and can be used only once. That is why some people see this as being similar to the sporting event bonuses.

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Top 3 Sportsbook Bonuses in Nigeria

Some Nigerian sportsbooks have better bonus offers than the others. Below is a look at the top 3.

The first is NetBets welcome bonus that could be accessed with the code WELCOME200NG. It involves a 100% reward on punters’ initial deposit, and could be as much as 100,000 naira. It must be used on games of not less than 2 odds single and 2.25 odds double.

The second is the Bet9ja’s possible 100,000 naira bonus that comes as 100% reward to any player who makes a deposit of 100 naira and above. This must be staked on events of up to 3.00 odds and must be wagered 10 times over before withdrawal.

The third is the 100% bonus of as much as 100,000 from Lionsbet. You have 30 days to enjoy this. But you must not bet less or more than 5 events on each bet slip. The playthrough is 7 times with slips of not less than 1.5 odds.

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