The exciting Wednesday Night Wars

The start of the Wednesday Night Wars - Wrestling TravelThe WWE is probably the most entertaining wrestling competition in the entire world. All its events are available to wager through the website.


Of course, being primarily a show, it has the purpose of attracting the largest possible audience. As such, ratings are an important parameter to determine how these events are performing from a commercial standpoint.


Between October 2019 and April 2021 there was an instance known as the Wednesday Night Wars. Whenever wanting to wager on great wrestling events, there is no better website to do that than the 1xBet online bookmaker.


This was a moment when two competing wrestling events in the United States competed face to face on different TV stations. On one side, there was the show Dynamite from the All Elite Wrestling entity. On the other, there was NXT from the WWE.

A more family-friendly approach

Some people might think that the WWE is excessively violent. However, this is far from the case nowadays. In the early 2010s, the WWE started to make an overhaul to their shows in order to make it more accessible to a younger audience. Before the next great show from this entity begins, you can visit – best live casino Ghana and win excellent rewards.

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This approach started after the WWE purchased other wrestling franchises in the country. Examples include:


  • the World Championship Wrestling;
  • the Extreme Championship Wrestling;
  • and Impact Wrestling.


The results from all these acquisitions started to become visible in 2012. In that year, the WWE launched NXT, which is one of its more popular franchises. The best live casino is available on 1xBet Ghana, and it offers the chance to wager on all the events offered by the always entertaining World Wrestling Entertainment.

The other contender

The WWE is probably the most important wrestling entity in the entire world. However, there have been many other organizations that have tried to challenge its dominance. One of them is All Elite Wrestling, which was established in 2018, and is the other protagonist in the Wednesday Night Wars. Currently, 1xBet is one of best WWE betting sites, and is full of chances to wager on the most important wrestling events.


Remarkably, the Dynamite show introduced by All Elite Wrestling in order to challenge WWE NXT was quite successful during these “wars”. During most of the period between 2019 and 2021, the AEW Show had a slightly larger viewership than their competitor. This means that the World Wrestling Entertainment has been facing a serious contender. The 1xBet platform is one of the best WWE betting sites, and it offers the chance to wager on all its highly entertaining events.

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