Things To Consider Before Changing Your Major

There are definitely times in life when you feel like whatever it is you are doing is not for you. Trust me, we have all been there. It all goes perfect and then – boom! – everything turns upside down, and you realize you must take a different path. It is no different for a college student, just like the regular studying routine including writing essays or ordering then from an essay writing service like EssayShark.

Changing a major is a rather important decision, just like choosing a major in the first place. If, after carefully thinking it over, you still decide to change your major, the choice of a different major becomes no less simple than before. Because of this, here is a small list of things to remember when deciding to change your major.

  • Consider the time that you are losing.
    While you might say that your major is not for you, and perhaps it is not, remember that you have likely already invested a lot of time in it. While it is certainly not a reason to stick with a major that you dislike, just like you have changed your mind, you might easily do so again. As such, take care when changing majors, especially if you decide to change it for the second or even the third time. With this in mind, it is much easier to continue with your current major than do a complete U-turn.
  • Determine if it is the major or college.
    While changing majors generally happens because of the major itself, sometimes it is actually due to being unhappy with the college of choice. Desiring to change the major really becomes a subconscious attempt to change the environment. If this is the real problem, it might be better to stick with the major and give another college a go instead.
  • Sometimes you need to be pragmatic.
    It is a sad truth of the world, but choosing a major that you are passionate about may not be the best decision. Some majors get an unfairly bad rep, but others are commonly overlooked by employers, with the labor market being tailored for high-end jobs, especially in STEM Pursuing your passion is a good and noble thing to do, but when you are choosing between a major that you would definitely like and the one you already dislike but which is going to be more beneficial in the long run, the choice is self-evident. Medieval poetry or social dynamics might sound worthwhile, but they have sadly got nothing on engineering and IT. Therefore, be reasonable about changing majors, as it might not be that helpful to you in your future life.
  • It is actually easier to continue than change.
    You can argue with this point, but if you have already chosen your major, you have also spent a considerable amount of time on it. You know the professors, you are familiar with the courses, and you have most definitely taken numerous classes related to that major. Changing majors will result in throwing at least some of these away, especially when it comes to courses and already gained college credits. Worse still, if your new major is similar to the old one, you may be forced to retake several courses, as your old scores will not be readily accepted. Because of this, it is generally easier to just grind it out and continue with your major rather than go through the hassle of changing it.
  • Consider a different path entirely.
    Going back to a previous point, it might be the college that is the problem. However, what if it is not even the college itself that is a problem? You might simply be uncomfortable or dissatisfied with getting a higher education.
    Whether your major is, pragmatically speaking, worthwhile or not, you should consider the fact that pursuing a college degree is something you are just not particularly happy about in the first place. If that is indeed the case, you can instead consider a trade. Plumbers, electricians, woodworkers, among many others, may not seem to you like a high-end job, but they are always in demand.
    Think about talents you have, or the skills you can get by simply learning from others or studying guides on the Internet. Write a novel, start a business, take up gardening. There are many things that you may like to do instead of your major.
  • Do what makes you happy.
    Even though being pragmatic helps, you should still pursue your happiness. If it helps, then change your major. The best thing you can do is to remember that, no matter what major you end up with, you will be okay and you will be able to succeed. All that is needed is a bit of determination and a proper mindset.
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If you are still in doubt after reading through this list, you are not alone. Many students consider changing majors throughout their academic years, and they do so several times. Do what is best for you, and if it is changing your major, then do so ASAP!

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