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US Based University Collaborates With Sterling Bank, IBM To Empower African Students

Nexford University, a United Stated-based institution, has partnered a leading Nigerian commercial bank, Sterling Bank and IBM to train African students on skills needed for today’s workforce.Nexford University

In a statement bu the university, the collaboration will enable it to leverage on its graduate and undergraduate degrees along with the IBM Digital to up-skill students, including Sterling Bank employees.

Nexford University made this known in a statement which was made available to newsmen in Lagos during the week.

“The IBM’s flagship skills development programme aims to accelerate Africa’s digital literacy and empower youths by developing their technology and innovation skills and addressing three major gaps which are skills, innovation and jobs,” it stated.

“At IBM, being a trusted company means going beyond the technology we offer. We work with key institutions, such as Nexford, to address the societal impact of digital technology; leveraging our investment on education with platforms such as IBM Digital – Nation Africa,” Dipo Faulkber, IBM Country General Manager, West Africa, stated.

Nexford is also collaborating with Sterling Bank to help empower bank employees to succeed in future jobs and master in-demand skills.

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