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Weak Students to Blame for Sex Scandals – Ex NUC Boss

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Prof. Peter Okebukola. Photo: Punch Newspaper

Former Executive Secretary, National University Commission (NUC), Professor Peter Okebukola on Tuesday said the admission of academically weak students by Nigeria higher institutions is responsible for the trending sex-for-mark scandals in the system.
According to the News Agency of Nigeria, Prof. Okebukola said that if institutions admitted students who were academically sound with good grades on entry, there would be no room for any lecturer to harass such students.
“If, in the first instance, a student is academically good, what will a lecturer tell her, sex-for-which-mark? All those girls who run after those lecturers or can be harassed by lecturers are those who are academically weak.
“Even if the lecturer does not want to get engaged with them sexually, the girls will offer them their bodies.
“If at the point of admitting our students, we ensure that they have met some respectable score that when you teach them in class they can understand and do well on their own; then the problem would have been addressed,” Okebukola said.
Prof. Okebukola observed that many universities in an attempt to make money from different programs in various satellite campuses, admit wishy-washy students who are desperate to pass at all cost.
“Sex-for-mark is trending in every university in the world and it is important for it to be curbed with sanctions by thoroughly investigating the phenomenon and when people are found guilty, deal with them,” he added.

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