What is the difference between Present and Past Education?

Education via laptops, lectures via webinars, and notes on electronic devices. Education was not always like this; only the present generation knows a little about it. This difference in education experience can be stated by parents who can look back at their own experience and compare.

Let us review elements of past education replaced in present day education:

Now let us take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of past and present-day education:


Advantages of the Present Education System

The modern background has many pros as it offers a dynamic way of learning with better interactive options enabling students to understand the concept better.

  1. Modern education offers better interaction: as it encourages people to take part in activities helping them gain more confidence. And as teachers spend more time with students who need extra help are guided in a better manner, some students who needed help with their essay by guided to PaperLeaf that helped them create essays meeting the criteria set by teachers. This time saving also allows students to take an active part in various activities with their teachers. Also, modern education allows them to do a lot more than just studying enhancing their social skills and teaching them ways to interact with the large crowd, this enables them to handle different situations on their own.
  2. Technology erased the gap: between teachers and students, which is the most vital role it has played so far. Earlier, students had to wait a long time after the lecture in case they missed something to see the teacher. Now they can send messages, chat or email to discuss without wasting a minute.
  3. Peace of mind:Present education offers a lot of recreational activities in schools helping students take their mind off study and lessen their stress and they also look forward to schooling.
  4. Improves discipline: Modern technology makes students punctual as they receive notifications and specific schedules that urge them to be more consistent with their timings.
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Disadvantages of the Present Education System

  1. Increased dependency: it is one of the drawbacks of modern technology as everything is readily available to students they hardly know how to strive for it. Pupils are either completely dependent on their teachers or the internet, which often takes creativity off the tables.
  2. Cyberbullying: it is one of the gifts of technology as if physical bullying was not enough. Youngsters have easy access to the internet that allows bullying far easier and less catchable. School goers are often teased about their appearance, which often results in sad incidents that discourage or frighten others around them.
  3. Distractions: extracurricular activities are a fun part of modern education, but at times they overshadow students focus from studies. This may also result in unbalanced academic and social life with students spending more time on social activities then homework.
  4. Unaffordable: the standards of education have elevated. Even if they somehow manage to pay the admission fee, the cost of accommodation and other essential leave most of them in much deeper debt.

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