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Football is the acknowledged king of world sport, no matter the popularity of some localized sports, like American football. The game that has captured the minds of billions of people attracts an equal amount of bets in dollar value monthly. With so many live games happening every week and the accessibility provided by online gambling platforms, the opportunities to make money are available 24/7.

If you feel confident about your football knowledge and want to capitalize on it, then read this guide. It will provide you with valuable information that will give you the foundation to build a successful betting strategy.

Football Betting Tips for the Moneyline Bet

Moneyline/Match-Winner Bet

By far the largest portion of the live-betting market is taken up by moneyline betting. This is the bet where you place a wager on the side that you think will win the match. However, before you select the match-winner, you should consider several things:

  • Team
  • Form
  • Manager style
  • Conditions


If you are new to betting, we advise you to start with your favorite team. This way you will have 50% of the bet covered, and you will be left with analyzing the opposition.

Once you have a few games under your belt, you can progress to betting on teams that you are less familiar with. Generally, you will need to consider the home advantage, study the teams’ performance, starting line-ups, tactical peculiarities and

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Form is indicative of the spirit of a team. It’s always a good idea to bet on a team that has won its last five games. This team will have players that are bursting with team spirit and confidence and this reflects on the energy they expend on the pitch. Form is an important aspect to consider. Good form can close the class gap between the clubs.

Manager style

Tactics can play a huge role on the pitch. If you are tactically acute, you can explore the possibilities of the tactical clashes in a game. If you know that a certain manager plays a certain formation, you can predict the capability of the other manager taking advantage of the weaknesses in such a formation. As a general rule, consider both teams’ likely formations. How would they respond to the opposition according to you?


Weather conditions can affect the outcome of a game. This is especially true for international competitions, where clubs sometimes travel thousands of miles to play in unfamiliar conditions. To bet on clubs traveling to Russia in the winter to lose or draw is always a more sound decision that betting on them to win, for example. Rain can also benefit teams that like playing fast and are technical. Consider the weather conditions before making a bet.

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Benefits of Live Betting on Football

You will experience a huge variety of markets, including betting on win-draw-lose, half-time and full-time result, total goals, first goal-scorer, Asian handicaps, corners and much, much more.

Bet 2 Win has compiled a huge portfolio of football betting websites and can help you decide where you will have the biggest chance of landing that big win.

Most bookmakers offer a range of tools that can help you turn your football knowledge into profit. Here are some of those tools:


You will find visually appealing graphs and tables showing you league standings, team form, goals scored, goals conceded, goals scored on average, player ratings, and more.


You will have access to the team match roster before you start watching the game. View team line-ups and run the new data through your pre-configured plans to decide whether to bet or not.

Latest scores

You will be able to stay informed about the latest happenings in the world of football. At all times, you will receive notifications of choice about results from leagues in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.

With this in mind, it’s up to you to select the right sports betting website and apply the tips included in this article.

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