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Africa’s Largest Baptist University Goes Tough on Standards, Values

Bowen University Main Entrance. Photo:
Bowen University Main Entrance. Photo:

One of the leading private Christian Universities in Nigeria, Bowen University in Iwo, Osun state has taken a step in curbing the ongoing scourge of drug abuse and other social vices in the society today.

According to Guardian News, the university is doing everything within its powers to safeguard its high academic standards, shutout ungodliness and discourage mediocrity in its system.

Speaking recently about the state of the Nigerian educational system amongst students, the Vice Chancellor of the institution, Prof. Joshua Olalekan Ogunwole said; “Globally, governments are taking more responsibility towards ensuring that quality education is available to everyone. According to the United Nations in 2015, Quality Education should be provided for all by the year 2030.

“While it appears that the standard of education is stangnating and in most parts of our country is deteriorating, it is the spread of social vices that is threatening our co-existence and the future of our nation like never before. Hence we must come together to put an end to it,” the VC stated.

The VC said he was surprised that the some of the students of Bowen University have begun to deviate from the values under which the school has based their teachings, as some of them tested positive to substance abuse.

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“As an institution that is committed to teaching Excellence and Godliness, we considered this development most unacceptable and immediately engaged with parents of the affected students to come pick up their children who had been suspended. Our students are conversant with the rules and regulations governing activities on campus, and the corresponding penalties for defaulters hence, no one was surprised at the suspension.

“We encourage everyone to be rest assured that Bowen University will never compromise on its efforts to provide quality education through hard work and uprightness, the VC added.

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