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How to check WAEC and GCE results with scratch Card and without scratch card

How to check WAEC and GCE result (photo credit, university of Texas and Austin)
How to check WAEC and GCE result (photo credit, university of Texas and Austin)

If you want to check your WAEC and GCE result please follow the following simple steps.

Step 1: Buy the scratch card for checking WAEC result; The scratch cards are called WAEC Result Scratch Cards.

Step 2: Look at the back of the scratch card to see the appropriate WAEC website to check your result.

Step 3: Log on to the official WAEC result website by clicking this link

Step 4: Then click on “check result” on the website

Step 5: A prompt box appears, which instructs you to enter the following:

-Registration Year

-Card serial No and Card pin

-WEAC Examination Number or seat Number.

Step 6: After inputting all these information click on “Check result”

Step 7: Your WAEC result should be displayed

Step 8: Click on print to print the result.


How to Check WAEC and GCE Result Without Scratched Card

You’re expected to use your WAEC result scratch card 5 times after which you have to purchase another scratch card if you must check the result again. But to check your WAEC result without scratch card is not possible for now, at least.



  1. Please I wrote my GCE, Examination in 2011, 2012, at all over polytechnic secondary school sango ota Ogun state and I, have forgotten my sit number, which I couldn’t have Access to checked my results, I am Ogah Dennis OVWO, I need your help please.

  2. i only want to chech my waec result before using scrach card aw will i chech my waec result without using scrach card or Id card

  3. I did my GCE exam at AFUZE in Edo,though I’ve check it but I haven’t obtain d original results please
    can I Get d original WAEC results in Lagos here?

    1. Dear Emmanuel, Please visit the nearest WAEC office, give them your name and other details available, they’ll give you your result


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