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How to Write a Resume with No Experience

Nobody knows anything about your abilities and skills. And the main criterion for applying for a job is your resume. Sometimes, your fate depends on this piece of paper. And the hardest part is learning how to write a resume so that a rigorous HR calls back. To be honest, not only students but even most adults do not know how to write a resume correctly. Therefore, sometimes it is a good idea to contact experts from WriteMyPaperHub service, for example, and send your “write my resume for me” request online to get your resume professionally done.

General Recommendations

You always need to write the purpose of the resume, that is, indicate the position of interest. It is also important to indicate which work schedule is preferred: full time or part-time. The design of the resume is also important. 

The resume of a novice specialist should not exceed more than one A4 page, 11 font size, Times New Roman font, and single spacing. It must be remembered that text with a clear structure and design is easier to read. The resume should be written in a free form but must contain the following information: personal data, information about education, additional education, skills, achievements, and preferably your personal qualities. It is better to write all your achievements concisely. But it is desirable to indicate the knowledge and skills clearly since this is important information for the employer. For example, an IT specialist should indicate which programming languages ​​he knows, in which projects he participated during his studies.

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Describe Your Personal Qualities Correctly

The most mysterious and difficult paragraph is considered to be about personal qualities. It all depends on the requirements of a particular vacancy, as well as on the understanding of who you are and how you want to introduce yourself to a potential employer. We would recommend taking into account the following:

  1. These qualities must correspond to the real ones of the person. It is a mistake if a person writes that he is sociable, but at the interview, it becomes obvious that he is not that good at communication. 
  2. These qualities should apply to the profile for which the candidate is applying. For example, you are looking for a job as an analyst, but you do not indicate that you are neat, attentive, scrupulous. And these qualities are important for the analyst, not the sociability and optimism that can be absolutely necessary for other positions.

Even if you still cannot boast of successfully implemented projects, you can always organize a PR campaign of your unique personal qualities, skills, and knowledge. The more originally you will tell about yourself, the more chances you will have that your employer will pay attention to your resume. But do not forget that the resume is an official document and its content should be different from your personal profile on the social network.

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Describe Non-work Experience

Of course, it is difficult without experience, but a resume can be written based on the existing strengths of life experience. After all, you studied at school for 11 years or more, then 4 more at the university, attended some events, took online courses, and participated in student life. Hobbies and student achievements can also tell the recruiter a lot.

Why You Should Write a Cover Letter

All recruiters say that it is worth writing a cover letter. This is a chance to show that you are the most suitable candidate for a particular position. Moreover, the style of writing depends on the specialty for which you are applying. If this is a technical field, then you need to write briefly and clearly, if it is a creative one, then show your creativity.

It must be targeted. Write about why you want to start your career in this company. Argument your choice and try to convince a company representative that you will become the most valuable and irreplaceable employee.

Avoid Spelling Mistakes

Do not neglect computer programs for checking spelling and grammar. An illiterate resume can immediately provoke a negative reaction. Do not be lazy to re-read what you wrote a couple of times. Sometimes we do not notice minor typos. The main thing when compiling a resume is to remember that you will not have a second chance to make a first impression. 

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Adding a Link to a Personal Page in Social Networks

There is no single answer to this question. Of course, today an account can tell a lot about a person: what he is interested in, what books he reads, what music he listens to. If you have hundreds of photos from parties in your album in the public domain, you should at least limit access to them. In any case, if the HR is used to identifying the applicant with his profile on the social network, then your page will be found anyway.

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