5 reasons MTN remains one of the best internet service providers in Nigeria

MTN 4G LTE banner
MTN 4G LTE banner


MTN Nigeria has not been doing a lot of advertisement recently; remember how their adverts used to be everywhere then when Saka was hijacked from Etisalat, everywhere you went, you’ll hear: “kirikata kirikata kirikata kirikata,  I don port o, I don port o, I don port to mtn…”; they literally stole all the talk shows in town because people were concerned as to why Etisalat allowed Afeez Oyetoro a.k.a. Saka to join such a river company and stage an advert jingle that almost made everybody think of leaving Etisalat network to join MTN. But these days they have stopped most of their adverts, they also not been doing shows like they used to do.

All these could be as a result of the heavy fine imposed on them by the Nigeria Communications Commission, NCC, for allegedly violating the regulator’s rules.

But, when you check out MTN data bundles and MTN data plan for android, you’ll find that their prices have not really changed even though people taught they would have to increase the prices of their services and reduce the quality. One of the services they offer which people are still enjoying is their internet data service. Here at Campusbiz, we want to state categorically that their data services remain among the best, below are the 5 reasons we believe MTN Data is still among the best.

  1. MTN data bundles remain one of the cheapest in the country. If you take a look at the other network data bundles namely: Glo data bundles, Etisalat data bundles and Airtel data bundles including the specialized Airtel android data plans, you’ll see that MTN data remains competitive among them.
  2. MTN data remains one of the fastest depending on the area you’re accessing the internet from, people have reported watching live videos online without experiencing any buffering when they use MTN subscription for the internet.
  3. MTN data works in most of the remote areas in the country. There’s a popular saying that if all networks fail, try MTN; this is because when you leave the city and travel to rural areas, MTN will still work in most of those remove villages.
  4. They are owned by foreign firms based in the Republic of South Africa. Everybody knows that South Africans tend to do things the way the whites do them, maybe this is because the whites stayed longer in the Republic of South Africa than they stayed in other African countries. This way of doing things (forget the xenophobic attacks you’re seeing) is also affecting their way of doing business, they always try to do things the right way and this explains why MTN has remained strong despite the huge fine imposed on them by the NCC, they are always improving, trying to make things easier for their subscribers, plus, they remain the largest network in Nigeria. Also they are perhaps the 1st internet network in Nigeria to deploy the popular 4GLTE which is quite very fast
  5. They are soon to be listed on the Nigerian Stocks Exchange. If you’re looking for a network that has proven that they are here to stay, it’s definitely MTN or how else do you explain a telecommunication company planning to enlist on the Nigeria Stock Exchange. MTN also establishes medical centers for women across the nation.
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In line with all these reasons, we advise you to try MTN data plan if you’ve not already done so.

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