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PEEF Calls for Curricula Review of Universities

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Dr. Rabiu Musa. Photo: The Daisy Management Centre

Experts, functioning under People Expertise and Excellence Foundation, have called for a review of the curricula of tertiary institutions to make university graduates fit for the corporate world.
This was made known on Monday at a workshop organized by the non-governmental organization in Abuja.
According to Punch News, the experts also advocated for twenty percent annual budget for education by the federal and state governments.
In a statement obtained by Punch at the PEEF workshop with the theme;’ Education versus Reality: Bridging the gap between the education system and the real world’, the experts insisted that the government should pay attention to the poor funding of education and ameliorate it.
According to the PEEF Executive Secretary, Dr. Musa Rabiu, “The education system, as currently built and delivered is focused on the award of certificates and not ensuring that the students thrive as adults. Learning is still largely theoretical and carried out using hypothetical abstract concepts and examples.
“The lecturers are mostly not subject matter practitioners in the real world of work. Skills and knowledge being passed down are not up to date, best suited, most relevant, and directly applicable in the real world. Thus, the students do not readily become productive as they graduate.”
The foundation also called for the establishment of a national council on skills management that would review universities curricula and synergise graduates with the work environment.
“The council will carry out accreditation of tertiary institutions curricula in line with the National Universities Commission and National Board for Technical Education guideless,” the foundation noted.

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