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How to register for NECO and NECO GCE




Registering for NECO is easy if the candidate or registrant can apply to simple instructions and procedures.

From my personal experience being a registrant for candidate, what we do is that:

Firstly, We assume that the candidate knows nothing about the Examination, so we prepare some details known as a Template for registration which have be getting from the registration site by the registrant, we instruct candidate to take the template home if he/she is in an hurry but if not, we tell the candidate to fill the template without omitting a single question.

The registrant or schools are expected to collect the approved registration fees from all their candidates and issue one bank draft in favour of The National Examination Council (NECO). This cheque is paid at the NECO Zonal/Branch Office in charge of their State. The designated NECO Finance Officer in the Zonal/Branch Office enters information regarding the payment on his computer and issued the school a scratch card or pay voucher containing information to enable the Principal/Examination Officer sign up to the e-Registration Website.

After The Purchased of The Scratch Card , the School or Candidate are expected to have a passport or a source of image either from phone or net e.t.c.

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After this information must have been done to the satisfaction of the registrant with respect to the collection of scratch card and passport from candidate; then the registrant login to the NECO site as follows: . Then the registrant chose either NCE ( National Common Entrance Or SSCE) Depending on the examination on board, then registrant fills the information for the candidate with respects to time so as to avoid Timeout for registration(that is why all information of candidate must have been filled before the commenced of any registration).

After the registrant must have registered the candidate, a photo card will be print to candidate with information like the registration Number, Seat number and Examination date written on the photo card been printed)

After this the registration has been successfully done (registration Number serve as evidence for Registration).

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