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Polaris/Skye Bank Transfer Code and Short Code *833#

The USSD Code for Polaris/Skye Bank is *833#; most people call this code Skye Bank Transfer Code or Polaris Bank Transfer Code since SkyBank became Polaris Bank; while some call it Transfer Code For Polaris/Skye Bank, this is because they mainly use it to transfer fund. Before a person can use this bank code, the person must (1) be an account holder with Polaris/Skye bank and (2) Register his phone number with Polaris/Skye Bank.

Another name for this USSD code by Polaris bank is SkyeMobile, if you have an account with Polaris/Skye bank then the instruction bellow should help you make a transaction from the comfort of your home using your phone, either smartphone or featured phone. Campusbiz Journal presents you how to use Polaris/Skye Bank Transfer Code.

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How to Register for Polaris/Skye Bank Transfer Code

To register for Polaris/Skye Bank Transfer Code, do the following:

  1. on the mobile number you register with your account number, (if you don’t know the mobile number you registered with your account number, use the mobile number you use in receiving alert from Skye Bank) dial *833#
  2. Enter your Polaris/Skye bank account number as required, make sure you enter your 10 digit NUBAN account number
  3. Enter any 4 digit number to be used as your PIN, this is the PIN you will be using to authenticate your transactions. Make sure your PIN is kept secret because anybody who has access to your PIN and your phone at the same time can make transactions on your account without your consent
  4. You are now registered for the *833# Skye Mobile. If you have any difficulty in doing this, contact Polaris/Skye bank using either the Live chat on their website of through the following: 0700 SKYEBANK , 0700 75932265, 0806 988 0000, 01 4482 100, 01 2705 850, Email:
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 How to Open a Polaris/Skye Bank Account with *833#

You don’t have to visit a bank now to open an account because you can now open an account from the comfort of your home by dialing *833# and choosing option one or dialing *833*1#, after dialing the code, you’ll be asked to input your surname, first name and address after this a ten digit account number will be sent to your phone number, that is your NUBAN account number, remember: *833*1#


How to pay bills with Polaris/Skye Bank shortcode

You can pay your DSTV, GOTV, Spectranet and other subscriptions using the Polaris/Skye bank short code, to pay your bills from your phone dial *833*2# on the phone you registered with your account number, follow this simple steps

  1. Dial *833*2#
  2. Select from the options, the Polaris/Skye bank account you want to use for the transaction
  3. From the displayed merchants or service providers, select the one you want to pay
  4. Enter the amount you want to pay for the subscription
  5. After this, you need to authenticate the payment by imputing your Polaris/Skye bank PIN (it’s the 4 digit PIN you created for mobile transaction, see the above instruction for creating a PIN if you don’t have a PIN yet)

    Phones To Try:
    Infinix Hot 5  / Infinix Hot 6  /  Infinix Hot 4  /  Infinix Note 3Infinix Note 3 Pro
    Infinix Note 4  / Infinix Hot 6X  /  Infinix Hot 6 Pro
    Gionee M5  /  Gionee Marathon M5Gionee M6  /   Gionee Marathon M6  /
    Tecno Camon C11  /  Itel S12  /  Samsung Galaxy A5 Price  /  Infinix Note 5  /
    Tecno Camon C11 Pro  /  Itel P32  /  Itel S13  /  Huawei Y9  /  Infinix Note 5 Stylus


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How to Transfer Money with Polaris/Skye Bank Transfer Code

Very simple, follow the steps listed bellow to transfer funds from your Polaris/Skye bank account to any bank in Nigeria, either from Polaris/Skye bank to skye bank or from skye bank to other banks, steps:

  1. On the phone number you registered with your skye bank account dial *833*Amount*Account Number#. example: *833*2000*1234512345#
  2. From the bank list displayed, select the bank you want to transfer the money to
  3. The name of the account holder you want to transfer the money to will be displayed, check if it is correct
  4. Enter your 4 digit PIN to authenticate the transaction.


How to check Polaris/Skye bank account balance with shortcode

Follow these simple steps to check your account balance instead of going to the banking hall simple because someone sent you money, you did not receive alert and you want to know your account balance, steps to follow:

  1. On the phone number you registered with your account number, dial *833*6# or dial *833# and select option 6
  2. Follow the instruction displayed on your phone and enter your account number if requested
  3. Enter your PIN to authenticate your transaction
  4. N10 will be deducted from your account each time you dial this code.
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How to buy airtime with Polaris/Skye Bank  Short Code

To buy airtime on the phone number you registered with your Polaris/Skye bank account simply dial *833*amount#.

To buy airtime for other phones, maybe those of your family and friends, do the following:

  1. On your phone dial *833*amount*phone number#. Example: *833*200*08012341234#
  2. Select the account to want to recharge the phone from if you have more than one account linked to your phone number
  3. Select the network you want to recharge
  4. Enter your 4 digit PIN to authenticate the transaction.

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