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Airtel Data Plan & Bundles, Subscription Codes & Prices 2020 Latest

Airtel Data Plan, Data Bundle, Airtel Free Data for 2020

Here is the list of every Airtel Data Plan, Airtel Data Pack, Bundles, subscription codes and prices regularly updated and current. You’ll need this list to be able to use Airtel Data Bundle instead of browsing the internet; All the Airtel Data Plans are available here. The data bundle provided below can be used for Laptop and Desktop computers, Tablets, Android and other, phones including smart TVs.

Airtel internet data plan bundles

There is also a special Airtel Android Data Plan, just click the link to see it. If you are looking for the Etisalat Data Plan, MTN Data Plan or Glo Data Plan please click on the links provided.

Important information about Airtel Data Plan: If you a regular user of Airtel internet data, you can get double data from Airtel, See what you can get below:

Data Amount Duration Code
200MB N100 24Hours *141#, then, press 1, and press 1 again
400MB N200 3 Days *141#, then, press 1, and press 2
2GB N500 24 Hours *141#, then, press 1, and press 3
1.5GB N500 14 Days *141#, then, press 1, and press 4
3GB N1000 30 Days *141#, then, press 1, and press 5
4GB N1200 30 Days *141#, then, press 1, and press 6
6GB N1500 30 Days *141#, then, press 1, and press 7
9GB N2000 30 Days *141#, then, press 1, and press 8

If you are a one-off Airtel internet user, then, check bellow for the best plans for you:

The following list is for the Airtel SmartSPEEDOO Data Plans which can be used for all devices including blackberry, smartphones and computers etc. There are also articles for Airtel Free Data , how to check Airtel Data balance , Airtel Night Plan and how to share data on Airtel , This is the main article for Airtel data plan for prepaid

Latest Data/Weekly Airtel Data Plan for The New Year 2020


Price Data Allowance Validity USSD CODE
N50 20MB 1 Day *141*50#
N100 75MB 1 Day *141*100#
N200 200MB 3 Days *141*200#
N300 1GB 1 Day *141*354#
N300 350MB 7 Days *141*300#
N500 750MB 14 Days *141*500#
N500 1GB 7 Days *141*502#
N500 2GB 1 Day *141*504#
N1500 6GB 7 Days *141*1504#

Latest Monthly Airtel Data Plan for The New Year 2020

Price Data Allowance Validity USSD CODE
N1,000 1.5GB 30 Days *141*1000#
N1,200 2GB 30 Days *141*1200#
N1,500 3GB 30 Days *141*1500#
N2,000 4.5GB 30 Days *141*2000#
N2,500 6GB 30 Days *141*2500#
N3,000 8GB 30 Days *141*3000#
N4,000 11GB 30 Days *141*4000#

** Night Data is usable 1AM – 7AM Daily


Latest Airtel 4GB Plan

Price Data Allowance Validity USSD
N5,000 10GB 30days *370# on your smartphone
N10,000 30GB 30days *370# on your smartphone
N15,000 60GB 30days *370# on your smartphone
N20,000 120GB 30days *370# on your smartphone

New Airtel Binge Data Plans

PRICE (Naira) PLAN Data Validity  USSD CODE
N500 Binge Plan N500 2GB 1 Day *141*504#
N350 Binge Plan N350 1GB 1 Day *141*354#
Or simply Dial *141# and select Binge Plans

Airtel DATA+ for calls and data

Data+ is a genre of Airtel TalkMore Plus bundles designed to meet your Data & Voice needs. The bundles offer More Data than Talk time.

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Simply dial *154*2# to choose the Data+ bundle that is right for you

Product Name Price Data Allowance (MB/ GB) Voice Value (N) Validity Days USSD Subscription Code SMS subscription
TalkMore Plus (Data+) N300 200MB 600 7 *154*2*300# DP300  to 154
N500 500MB 1,000 7 *154*2*500# DP500 to 154
N1,000 1GB 2,000 14 *154*2*1000# DP1000 to 154
N2,000 3GB 4,000 30 *154*2*2000# DP2000 to 154
N5,000 7.5GB 10,000 30 *154*2*5000# DP5000 to 154
N10,000 17.5GB 20,000 90 *154*2*10000# DP10000 to 154
N15,000 25GB 35,000 90 *154*2*15000# DP15000 to 154
N20,000 35GB 45,000 90 *154*2*20000# DP20000 to 154

Airtel Mega Data Plans, the plan for heavy users

Mega Packs are designed for the heavy data user. Enjoy Streaming, Downloads etc on your device or across multiple devices

Price Data Allowance Validity USSD CODE
N5,000 15GB 30 Days *141*5000#
N10,000 40GB 30 Days *141*10000#
N15,000 75GB 30 Days *141*15000#
N20,000 110GB 30 Days *141*20000#

** Night Data is usable 1AM – 7AM Daily



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Airtel Night Data Plan

If you need the very cheap Airtel Night Plan, you need to opt-in to a package called Airtel SmartTrybe; Trybe is Airtel’s product which enables Nigerian Youths and “young at heart” enjoy best rates on data and calls to all networks, night browsing for your favorite movies, series, and music.

To opt-in to Airtel Night Plan Dial *312#. The following are what you get if you migrate to this plan:

  • 30% extra data on bundles of N500 and above purchased in all campuses in Nigeria
  • 1GB for N500. Valid for 7 days
  • Night Browsing
    • N25 for 500MB. Valid between 12midnight and 5 am
  • Free 15MB every week


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Airtel data bundle: Night, Weekend  and Time-Based plans

  1. 30 Mins unlimited internet for N300. Activation code: Dial *439*3#
  1. 60 Mins unlimited internet access for N500. Activation code: Dial *439*4# 
  1. (Night Plan) 3 hours of unlimited internet for N1,000. Activation code: Dial *481*2# (Usable between 12 am and 5:59 am.)
  2. WEEKEND BUNDLE 200: Get 200MB for N200. Activation code: Dial *472# (usable between 12 am Saturday and 11:59 pm on Sunday)
  3. WEEKEND BUNDLE 500: Get 500MB for N500. Activation code: Dial*473# (Usable between 12 am Saturday and 11:59 pm on Sunday)


Remember that Airtel represents one of the best networks in Nigeria and Airtel Data Bundle is currently the second cheapest after Glo Data Plan which is the cheapest and very fast in some areas of the country.

Please share the experience you’ve to had when using the Airtel data plan with us using the comment section below. You may want to read their history here

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There is also MTN Android Data Plan, Glo Android Data Plan and Etisalat Data Plan for you to consider in case you need to know all the android subscription plans available. Thank you for visiting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I subscribe for Airtel 4G?

To subscribe for Airtel 4G follow the steps below:
Step 1: Get a 4G enabled device, you can’t use Airtel 4G without a device that has 4G Antena
Step 2: Buy Airtel 4G SIM or Upgrade your SIM to 4G by dialing *121#
Step 3: Be withing Airtel 4G coverage locations to enjoy the service
Airtel will give you a 25% data bonus every time you activate a data plan of N500 and above for 3 months.

Which Airtel plan is the best for data?

The best Airtel plan for data is the new Binge plans from Airtel. With N500, you get a whole 2GB valid for 24 hours and with N300 you get 1GB valid for 24 hours; with this plan, you can stream videos and download movies or even watch movies online without breaking the bank.

Dial *141*504 for 2GB at N500 and *141*354# for 1GB at N300

What is Airtel 4g plan?

Airtel 4G is the reliable and super-fast internet plans for your devices, 4G is known as Long Term Evolution (LTE), it is the 4th Generation of telecommunications technology that delivers very high data speeds. With 4G, you can enjoy even better data experience with network-enhanced quality such as HD Video Streaming, Video and voice calls, superfast downloads, online gaming and so much more.

To start enjoying Airtel 4G, get an Airtel 4G SIM Card. Airtel will give you free 4G when you activate the SIM

How can I subscribe to the Airtel night plan?

To opt-in to Airtel Night Plan Dial *312#.
The following are what you get if you migrate to this plan:
*30% extra data on bundles of N500 and above purchased in all campuses in Nigeria
*1GB for N500. Valid for 7 days.

Which tariff plan is the cheapest in Airtel?

The best Airtel plan for data is the new Binge plans from Airtel. With N500, you get a whole 2GB valid for 24 hours and with N300 you get 1GB valid for 24 hours; with this plan, you can stream videos and download movies or even watch movies online without breaking the bank.

Dial *141*504 for 2GB at N500 and *141*354# for 1GB at N300

How can I migrate to Airtel Trybe?

To Migrate to Airtel Smart Trybe. Follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe by dialing *312# then reply with 1.
STEP 2: After the migration, dial *312#
STEP 3: Reply 1 for 500MB for N25 valid from12am – 5 am
STEP 4: Reply 2 for 1.5GB for N200 valid from12am – 5am

What are the codes for Airtel data plans?

Bellow are the best Airtel Data Plans:

Price Data Allowance Validity USSD CODE
N50 20MB 1 Day *141*50#
N100 75MB 1 Day *141*100#
N200 200MB 3 Days *141*200#
N300 350MB 7 Days *141*300#
N500 750MB 14 Days *141*500#
  Airtel Data Plans, Android, blackberry codes and prices for 2020
N1,000 1.5GB 30 Days *141*1000#
N1,500 2.5GB + **1GB Night 30 Days *141*1500#
N2,000 3.5GB 30 Days *141*2000#
N2,500 4.5GB + **1GB Night 30 Days *141*2500#
N3,000 5.5GB + **1GB Night 30 Days *141*3000#
N4,000 7.5GB + **2GB Night 30 Days *141*4000#
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  1. You people are misleading people with this fake subscription code, airtel you better stop this scam before you lose all your customers

  2. pls i recharge 5000 naira on my acct this morning and i want to get the 15g data plan .how do i go about it pls , and i can’t check the balance … the no. is 09012907205. thanks

  3. What is the problem with Airtel subscription this morning, I can’t subscribe, the message sent was “my request was not successful or error in processing your request”

  4. hello, i just recharge #4,999 data from my account all i could get now in 1024.00mb instead of 10GB kindly look into it pls here is my no 07086034524. phone no that credited my account 08086594258 i will appreciate your quick response pls i had tried to call customer service but all to no avail.

  5. I’ve already subscribed with this code *462*10# for 30days with 10k. .. but couldn’t get my subscription activated. What is it that I’ve done wrong?

      1. @AirtelNigeria good evening. I just used code *452# to purchase android 10GB plan on my phone now and the value has not been credited to my position even though my account balance have been debited to the tune of N5000 only. Kindly update my position pls. Adare Ayodeji 08023390862.

  6. I am using Airtel BB COMPLETE #1000 for 3.5Gb one month but is a scam when u type the code *431# it will show u this plan when u click on the plan it say type *440#, now instead of giving u the 3.5Gb they give u 1.5Gb for 1000 naira, which will just last for two weeks, please Airtel stop deceiving me I’m done using ur network.

  7. Good morning, my I pad is using airtel micro(nano) sim and I am finding it difficult in renewing my data plan after expiration.My android phone is not using micro sim. I am able to top up airtime on line but unable to renew data plan on line.
    Please give the code to use to enable me renew the required data plan on line.
    Thank You
    Dupe Ajayi

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