How to share data on MTN, transfer data on MTN

This is the simple instruction on How to share data on MTN. MTN Subscribers are allowed to share data on the MTN network with friends, family members and colleagues at work and the main idea behind the service is to make use of the same data bundle by different users.

Sharing of data on the MTN network comes easy and with just few steps. Data Share on MTN is different from Data Gifting or Data Rollover. We also have articles for how to share data on MTN , how to check MTN data balance, and the main article for all MTN data plan and MTN Data Bundles

The MTN Data Share feature is charge less and accessible to those on the MTNTopUP, Pay As You Go and MTNChoice migrants. The subscribers of MTN Skye are not accessible to the MTN DataShare.

With the under listed data bundles, users can share data conveniently with family, friends and colleagues.

 PLAN              BONUS           T/BUNDLE          VALIDITY           CODE           AMT (N)

250MB              125MB             375MB                  30 DAYS              *109#            1,300

500MB              250MB             750MB                  30 DAYS               *110#            2,000

1GB                   500MB              1.5GB                    30 DAYS              *111#            3,000

3GB                   1.5GB                4.5GB                    30 DAYS             *129#             6,000

5GB                   2.5GB                7.5GB                    30 DAYS             *101#             8,000


Below is how to share Data on MTN, follow the steps bellow:
Step 1:  Dial *141*2*163# to purchase data bundle;
Step 2:  Dial *141*5# to activate MTN DataShare;
Step 3:  Click on “Manage Data Bundle” and then press DataShare

OR Follow the bellow steps
Step 1:  Dial *141*5#
Step 2:  Pres 4
Step 3:  Press 2

How to share data on MTN SIM

With the following steps, users can share date on MTN SIM
Step 1: Dial *131*2*1#;
Step 2: Press 1 – for registration;
Step 3: Press 2 – change of old PIN to a new PIN;
Step 4: Press 3 – buy data as gift;
Step 5: Press 4 – data sharing.

Note: For a successful registration, you will get an SMS of new PIN

With the MTN DataShare, users can also share with up to five (5) recipients by dialing *131*2*2# or by sending ‘ADD’ to 131. With this step, you can share data amongst five loved ones.

To share data on MTN, you must have a minimum monthly data bundle of at least 250MB


How to share MTN credit with loved ones

Users will send the following to short code number of 777 via SMS;

<Transfer> <Recipient’s Number> <AMT> <PIN>

Example: <Transfer> <08162728258> <2000> <1234>

After completion, a message indication confirmation will be sent to you, then send ‘YES’ to the short code number (777).









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