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Every year, freshmen are always admitted into college. The joy of gaining entry comes with a lot of exuberances. You have a lot of things going through your mind like How to make new friends in college, joining different freshmen clubs, joining a sports club and so on. This might be a little cumbersome for many freshmen as it stirs up a lot of confusion.

This will wear out as you get settled down, but before that happens, you don’t want to feel left out or alone in your journey. Everybody can have similar issues making friends when entering college. Especially for shy students, it’s even more hard to overcome their fears in college. Being used to old friends in high school, now they have to try to take the steps forward to making new friends.

We buy stuff together, go to class together and every other thing best friends do. As soon as you gain entry, you must carry out your research paper or possibly write something like an essay on how things are done. You can buy college research paper to make your search easier and have more time for conversations.

Let’s go through the steps you must carry out in making friends at the beginning of college. Friends in college are one of the most important things you will do, and you will definitely meet different students from different backgrounds and upbringing.

You will do almost everything together, buying food in the cafeteria, going for classes, attending sporting activities as well as other recreational activities. Therefore, adequate research must be put in place in making the right choices. The following steps will help you while making friends as well as making the right choice of friends.

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This is one of the most important steps to take as a college student. You should do online research about the college and what to expect. What terms do they give students? Are you comfortable, or can you adjust to this type of term? What do they sell and what can you buy at college? What classes you will be attending, and what extracurricular are available in your college?.Once you have carried these research and you are able to answer them conveniently, then you are ready to make friends.


No one wants a boring friend. We all want someone who can make us smile from time to time while going through the rigor of college or who we can feel comfortable around. In order to achieve that, you must be one.

While in college, students usually ignore boring people. Most of them were classified as nerds even if they weren’t. Finding yourself in the same class with your group of friends can make the best class for you.

Once you are identified as an interesting person, you naturally attract friends. You can then choose who you want as friends. You all can grab cheap meals in the cafeteria during your breaks.


This is also very important. Don’t be an island in college. You will end by being frustrated. When in college, don’t do things alone like buying lunch alone, going to classes alone what would only frustrate your stay in college for a while. This way, you may not know of the cheap deals in college, and in those periods, waste a lot of money to buy expensive items.

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Do a little research about the students taking some of your classes, this is where to initiate a conversation. You can also take advantages of the students in the dormitory by talking to your roommate as well as other hostel mates.

To make this easy, you should consider. Once you do this, you will understand the different personality of the various people you meet. You can now decide based on what termyou choose, who you will likely be friends with.


This is also a way of making friends. Sign up online for various sporting activities listed for your class or the school in general. This will help you meet other students faster if you do not know how to initiate a conversation as described above.

This is one of the fastest ways to make friends in college. Make sure you pick a sport you are very good at. Once your ability is noticed, people are automatically drawn to you, and then you can hand pick your friends and even make a list of your friends on a paper.


There are certain things you should not do while intending to make friends. The following are the don’ts of making friends in college;

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Once people notice that you like to do things solitarily, they begin to avoid you not because they feel you are a bad person, but they do not know how to approach you. No matter how well you want to study and get good grades, never make your studies, your only friend.

In college, you must try to mingle with people. Essential information may be passed across, and this may not get to you because you are solo.

Therefore, it is necessary to do adequate research about the ongoings in college, sometimes you find several papers pasted around to help direct students as to any information they might need, and you can even get to know where to buy various items at discounted prices.


If you have the tendencies for an outburst, this may impede your journey of making friends in college. You must be nice and easy going to other students. This will attract people to you.

If you can go through the points listed above, making friends in college will come super easy

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