How to keep your mind off sex: 3 Simple ways to do it


The Problem: If you are a young person, there is always the temptation to have sex, you may also have the believe that everyone is doing it and this single believe greatly increases your desire to have sex even with different individuals.

Movies, music and music videos, Books and even online websites producers have made it an important aspect of their productions to include a part that features sexually explicit scenes, lyrics or images, sometimes even showing scenes of people actually having sex. These music videos, movies etc can either be watch on cable TV’s or online. They are even everywhere and they get a lot of airplay on Radios and TVs. This has made it so hard to get a movie, music, music videos etc that don’t feature illicit materials.

Technology has not made it easy to keep sex of one’s mind. Before the advent of the internet, smart phones and other electronic devices, it was pretty had to get sexually explicit materials because they we’re only available in hard copies and were usually kept away from the public except you specifically ask for it from vendors. All that has changed, there are now millions of websites on the internet offering free phonographic materials and more of them keep coming online everyday; they can be accessed with almost any smart phone that uses the internet, they can even be copied with memory cards or received via sharing Apps where there is no internet; with the help of these devices, a person can continue to watch sexually explicit materials daily without anybody getting to know about it.

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How you can deal with the problem.

  1. Watch your associates carefully:

On campuses, gatherings and elsewhere, when guys/girls are gathered talking share fully, it is likely they are discussing about immoral sex. Though you may feel that you have to join so as not to keep away from your friends and be made jest of, but joining in will only make it more difficult for you to control your thoughts; even sitting with them and not joining in the discussion will not help you. Most time, you can find a way to leave such conversations without appearing to be forming too holy or SU (like they use to say) and thereby inviting ridicule.


Consider this: Would you allow viruses to invade your smart phone/computer? Then why invite immoral thoughts into your mind?

  1. Avoid sexually oriented entertainment. As pointed out above, much of today’s entertainment is designed to arouse improper sexual feelings. An ancient book advises that sexually explicit entertainments can defile ones flesh and spirit, so avoid them. To keep your mind off sex steer clear of entertainment that stimulates sexual desires.
  2. Help your mind: One of the best things you can do to keep sex off your mind is to go on the offensive, do the following:
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(i) Fill your mind with clean things, read things that are uplifting, intentionally dislike movies, videos etc that feature sexually explicit scenes; if you find yourself watching videos and a scene you suspect might be sexually explicit is to be shown, fast-forward the movie.

(ii.) Be sure to be deeply religious, move very close to God; there is a special power that God gives to those who are close to him, this power will definitely strengthen you to keep sex off your mind. PRAY INCESANTLY FOR THIS POWER FROM GOD.

(ii) If you are a guy, keep your eyes off girls; if you are a girl, keep your eyes of guys; if you feel this is too had for you to do and you are up to the task and age, get married.

Don’t Forget these:

(i) Sexual feelings aren’t evil in themselves. After all, God created man and woman to have a strong attraction for each other, and satisfying sexual desire is proper within marriage. So if you experience intense sexual urges, don’t think that you’re inherently bad or that you’re just not cut out for moral cleanness.

(ii) Demons bring people under their control through illicit sexual activities.

Conclusion: You can choose what you will let your mind dwell on. Not everyone is doing it!

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Written by: Bolaji Dawodu for campusbiz.com.ng; you can reach him via bderigbemi@gmail.com.

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  1. This is an intriguing problem that faces both men and women. Because it faces men and women and because it is so complicated , unscrupulous forces use it to manipulate unwitting men and women, to confuse and place them in harm’s way.
    The individual who wrote this article should not stop writing articles to help people protect themselves from these unscrupulous forces and from themselves.
    Thank you to the writer and keep up the good work.

  2. Surprised to find this kind of article on a website like this.
    Actually its a pleasant surprise! Glory be to GOd that we can find such critical things taught online in such a forum.
    God bless you guys. Kudos to Bolaji D.
    Abeg keep this up

    1. Thank you Francis,
      Just like you have rightly said, All glory be to the Almighty God.
      It takes a lot of efforts to keep sex off ones mind, but with determination and help from God, its very possible.

    2. Thank you Francis,
      Just like you have rightly said, All glory be to the Almighty God.
      It takes a lot of efforts to keep sex off ones mind, but with determination and help from God, its very possible.
      Thank you.


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