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Is Technology Really Better for Education?

Technology is, in fact, bringing big advances and innovations to the Educational System. One of the main evidences of that is asking yourself: When was the last time I saw someone getting up to pick a Dictionary to make a spelling check.

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone, which if not connected to the closest Wi-Fi, most certainly has its own data plan to always stay online and be there to answer any question, doubt or small curiosity that can possibly come up, anywhere at any time.


Education does not require a physical presence anymore

Focusing on the educational system: Technology really brought big changes; the most significant of them all being, the fact that made Education more accessible to anyone.

In the past, education was something a person could only collect by going to a classroom. There was the place where something was being taught, where something could be learned. Although, nowadays (thanks to the technology advancements) this is no longer the only available option for learning.

Today, a student, besides having more than 5 different ways to contact a teacher to ask for help with a problem or doubt they have on a subject taught in the last class. The same student also has a big variety of options on how to find the solution for that problem, without even having the need to reach the teacher. The Internet is there to provide an astronomical amount of videos, blogs, articles, and applications on how to solve the same problem.

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Today, the grades to go to university or after graduation to find a job, are a worldwide competition; the competition for a scholarship or a job vacancy can be disputed between people from any corner of the world. Which is just astonishing; to realize that this became possible in less than 20 years.

With this sudden change in how education became a competitive market, along with the new possibilities on how a student can improve himself by just using the new opportunities created by technology, the student of today is becoming much more creative. Thinking about it, today we see news on a group of students from a high school that developed an app and are now becoming notorious thanks to it or news on how a group of students is making studies or research on a medical discovery. This is something that became common to hear about, but it should amaze everyone, just by comparison with the past.

 It proves exactly that today being a student is no longer going to class, passing the tests and finding a decent job. Today being a student, is taking your extra time to research or develop something new, to learn new languages or to learn how to be a programmer, even if they are studying to be a doctor. Education became a very competitive market and ‘average joe’ will not be enough to stand out. Even if graduating from one of the most prestigious schools/universities.

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Competition created also for the schools

Most of the people who look for education do it to find a job, which is now impossible to do without the use of the internet and without having any skills in the use of technology. It is now an important role for schools to have facilities, equipment, and programs that will give to their student’s computer education.

We can find schools that make their classes depending fully on technology, for example, classes where everyone needs to have their own computer or tablet. Schools that have interactive boards in each classroom. Even schools that have extracurricular programs for students to master Computer tools such as Photoshop, Office, AutoCAD and so on.

The competition is now in schools as well, since the technology a school can offer to their students now, is most of the time what will make the parents decide if their kids are going to study in one place or another. Not only a great tool for students but for teachers as well.  The use of technology in education became also a great tool for teachers. Checking the Pro-Papers became a much easier thing. The method of only using what the schoolbooks have to offer is in the past. Today teachers can bring their students in online visits to a wide variety of museums, factories, and companies from all around the world. A teacher in Mexico can bring their students to a visit to the Louvre Museum without leaving the classroom.

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Technology in Education is also a plus for the parents

Today parents and teachers can have meetings via phone calls or video calls, parents can go online and check the test scores of their children. A very positive advance towards education, because it is an important role for the parents to supervise their children in their school performance. Although before it could be hard if they had very busy schedules at work that were impossible to cooperate with school meetings.

Now, they have an easier way of keeping up their children’s tracks and always make sure to show them they know what is going on in school, even if they are working abroad or always arriving home late.

Technology definitely expanded education, it brought innovation, creativity, and diversity to it. It is still fantastic to see that now anyone is able to learn so much by just using new tools.

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