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Top Places to Meet New People in College If You Are an Introvert

Now that your high school days are over you can finally focus on what’s really important for your future – your education. Just joking, for most people college is merely an extension of high school pranks and parties with more alcohol and last-minute studies.

However, being an introvert may make things more complicated for you, especially since you don’t know too many people in college and dorm life is not always as awesome as depicted in the movies.

So, if you don’t want to spend the next three-four years sitting alone in the cafeteria, it’s high time you started meeting new people. And, while random introductions may be awkward and somewhat creepy, here is a list of places you’ll find plenty of people to talk to, mingle, and even start long-term friendships.

College Students Discuss While Studying. Photo: capitalfm/Via Google
College Students Discuss While Studying. Photo: capitalfm/Via Google

At the library

Avoid going there on the first day of college if you don’t want to look like a complete dork but do keep in mind that you’ll find plenty of new people there. You can stay in line with the rest of the freshmen to get your books and initiate conversations and small talks about the most interesting classes, rumors about professors or anything else.

Once you are assigned to all your classes, you can even start a general study group with regular meetings at the library to exchange thoughts, opinions, and tips on how to improve your studying methods. If you’re really anxious about talking to strangers, you can simply join a study group that other people are already attending.



At the gym or any other sports venues

There’s no better place to meet friendly new people than at the gym, blowing off some steam after a hard day studying or working. However, make sure to go to venues that you know something about unless you don’t want to look like a complete stalker or creep. In other ways, if you enjoy swimming, go hit the pool or hang around the lake if your campus has one.

Football, baseball, basketball, and other popular sports will require minimum information for you to start a conversation with someone, even if you’re just watching them and you’re not actually on the field, in the middle of the action.


In music classes

Whether you already play an instrument or want to pick up a violin, piano or cello, beginner music classes are great for meeting new people without trying too hard. Most students are more than welcome to teach you some tricks and help you learn the basics of each instrument, which makes for great ice-breaking conversations even if you’re a complete introvert.

Look for a well-written article about the necessary tools and accessories you’ll need to actually start playing any instrument but don’t break your piggy bank just to look cool and pretend you’re interested in music.

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Get a job on campus

Getting a job is a perfect way to gain some extra money, support your education, and even meet new people. Even if you’re just the delivery boy or you work at the local newspaper, you will get in contact with plenty of new people on a regular basis.

It doesn’t have to be stressful, long-term or even well-paid as you’re only going to use the job to increase your revenues and kill some free time while you’re not studying, sleeping or attending classes.

Working at the cafeteria, delivering food, planning events or even tutoring other students are all great ways to increase your income and meet interesting new people without struggling too hard. Moreover, talking about your job on campus is a great ice-breaker and can even help you approach freshmen college students every year, showing them the campus.

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