Make Your Writings Distinctive!

If you’re a student at any level, be it secondary or higher, you must have gone through days where you get assignments and research papers to complete within a short time span. The mere thought of where to start from and the apprehension of not being able to produce anything original and worthwhile keep you procrastinating the work till the last hour. And you end up copy-pasting content from the internet and getting a C on your report card because plagiarism is, for sure, a grave offense. It might be unintentional in some cases, but it makes you vulnerable to serious penalties such as disqualification of a research paper or even debarment from an institute in some cases. In order that you may be saved from being the convict of plagiarism, it’s better to use an online paraphrasing tool by to make your writings all the more credible and unique.

Always at Your Disposal

The paraphrasing tool is easily accessible for use since it’s available online. You can carry it around anywhere on your phone or laptop. If you’re late for school, you wake up and realize it’s the last date for your assignment submission and you are still left with the rewriting task, just grab your laptop along, and you will be able to do the work in the bus or at school as well. It’s available at your service 24/7. 

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Works Instantly Like a Magic Wand

No more spending hours and hours looking up for synonyms and antonyms in the thesaurus to add uniqueness to your work. No more wasting of time in rewriting each and every phrase and sentence in your own words to get rid of plagiarism. The paraphrasing tool works like a magic wand! By just pasting the work into the paraphrasing box and clicking the paraphrase button, you can have a unique piece of writing within a few seconds.

It’s Free to Use!

The best part about this tool is that you can get your hand on a free tool that won’t charge you for all the work it does for you. It is not going to be heavy on your pocket. So you don’t have to worry about your budget nor fret about the free trial periods that end soon without letting you complete your work. So paraphrase all the published, unpublished, academic, non-academic, professional as well as personal writings through this tool free of cost.

No More Silly Errors

With a paraphrasing tool, you can get rid of all the foolish grammatical and punctuation mistakes and typos that sneak into your writings without getting noticed. Such errors, on being pointed out by the instructor, will create an impression that you are negligent and have submitted your work without giving it a second read. So make your writings error-free by using this tool.

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Get Rid of Monotony

You may fall short of vocabulary while writing. In such cases, a paraphrasing tool will get you rid of the tedious repetition of words and phrases. Because paraphrase literally means “to speak in other terms”, it’s going to work as a thesaurus by automatically replacing the repeated words with their synonyms to combat dullness and sameness within the text.

Give Concision to Your Sentences

You must have gone through times when your teacher asked you to cut your lengthy sentences short because the meaning to be conveyed just got lost in their expanse. A paraphrasing tool that rewrites your article for you also makes your sentences precise by omitting unnecessary words. It conveys the information precisely without using irrelevant words and details. It also automatically fixes any errors in the sentence structure and gives you accurate sentences. So no more babbling! It’s time to transform your lengthy sermons into meaningful and short pieces of writing that are easy to understand.

Paraphrase Relevant Quotes

Adding relevant quotes to your work by some reputable personality can instantly add more value and credibility to your work. But at the same time, copy-pasting the quotes as they are can make your writing breach the permissible percentage of plagiarism. To combat this problem, use a paraphrasing tool to rewrite quotes in words other than the original to boost up the work quality. It would hardly take you five seconds!

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Summarization is No More a Task!

As a student, whenever my teacher asked us to summarize a novel’s chapter, I would find it very hard to cut out irrelevant details because every incident seemed equally important to me. As a result, I would produce almost the same length summary of the chapter, and the teacher would be disappointed every time asking me to cut it short. Times were different back then. You couldn’t think of having your summary written on your computer. But times have changed drastically today. You can get a precise summary of your article or passage by just using a paraphrasing tool. 

Technology has changed your life in ways that you couldn’t have imagined a few decades back. So, make use of such opportunities that are ready to serve you without demanding anything in return. Surely, it’s a rare thing in the age of self-seeking.

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